Today, April 28, marks the passage of Saturn closest to Earth. Unfortunately, you won’t find an astrology book providing meanings of such passages for each of the planets: when they come closest to Earth, when they appear or disappear from our skies, when they’re moving away from us or drawing closer to us, how bright will they be, etc. This is because much of today’s astrological meaning is derived from the position of the planets in relation to a chosen fixed point, the March Equinox (I avoid using “Spring Equinox” for my southern hemisphere readers). 

But when we switch our referential starting point from the Equinox (or 0 Aries, the start of the zodiac), to the material reality of the planet in question in relationship to Earth, a different picture emerges. It’s a picture of contour, shape, and texture; nuance and volume. It’s (what I call) the somatic dimension of astrology where we are attuning to the physio-celestial reality of the celestial relationship in question. This is analogous to thinking of someone you’re close with and physically being with them taking a walk. 

Saturn is today at perigee or closest to Earth. Saturn, and every planet further from the Sun than we are, reaches this closest proximity only and always at its opposition to the Sun. Here’s a graphic to demonstrate the top-down view of this alignment. Simply replace the position of Mars with Saturn. The colored orbs represent the field of energetic influence or the body’s energy aura with which it exerts on and is exerted upon by other bodies. You can see Earth is in the shared space between them. This space is known as a mandorla or vesica piscis and is a well-known ‘hot spot’ for those interested in sacred geometry, higher mechanics of light and sound and lightwork. 

Sun-Mars-Earth alignment at Perigee

From left to right: Sun – Earth – Saturn (Mars)

So, what does it mean? Today Saturn is exerting its strongest spatial effect on the Earth while the powerful alignment of our three bodies occurs. This is, a pull to Saturn, to be more Saturn-like, to bring out – willingly or otherwise – the most salient forms of our inner Saturnian nature. These qualities include a diligence, deep responsibility, controlling an outcome, living by the rules, proper deliberation about how to achieve best outcomes, taking one’s role (too?) seriously, heavied by the weight of important _____, as well as a deeply satisfying participation in the material world, and the cellular certainty of the goodness of sustainability, perseverance, and flourishing.

When we look to the sky, where’s Saturn? Which constellations are the backdrop for this important window?

Adam Gainsburg, Soulsign Astrology

Saturn among The Goddess and The Scales constellations (click to enlarge)

Moving from The Goddess (otherwise but inaccurately known as Virgo) constellation into The Scales, Saturn’s timing for perigee evokes the image of  “advancing oneself into the corner” between pragmatism and idealism. There is MUCH that can still be accomplished – in the outer and also the inner planes of life. It is NOT a time to give up, give in, or give over our ability to create the life we want. And, we’ll need to remain steadfast as the “spin” of modern culture will continue to exhale layers of half-truths, deceptions and distractions at a mass media level. 

Saturn is at his/her/its/their fastest retrograde speed now so will be occupying this precise place in space into July before turning around and moving in direct motion once again. From the middle of this summer (winter for southern hemispherites) through September 18 when Venus reaches Saturn for a conjunction…

Adam Gainsburg, Soulsign Astrology

Saturn – Venus conjunction 28-09-13

… this is the time to take the best of your inner Saturn and hold fast or proceed diligently or commit deeply to what you know to be right, true and good. When Venus arrives on the scene, she will be fresh from the beneficent stars of The Goddess constellation and crossing underneath Saturn. This tends to mean that results and support for your efforts and plans may not be hugely overt but will be arriving and accessible by you. The challenge here might be to recognize just what the support that Life is providing you actually is!

At a societal level, the timing of the September Equinox – in light of this Saturn-Venus conjunction with Saturn-Mercury to follow shortly thereafter – will be affirming or confirming how you and I are meant to live our lives for the next 377 days (one full Saturn-Sun cycle). Not as a hand dealt to us, but as a life created by us (a wonderful reframing from my soul brother and reknowned intuitive counselor, Tony LeRoy).


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