by Adam
In about 33 hours, the much heralded partial lunar eclipse (Full Moon in the path of the Nodal axis) will occur. Here’s my attempt to characterize what it may hold for us in light of our spiritual evolution:

[singlepic id=136 w=320 h=240 float=right]This eclipse occurs amidst a crescendo’ing series of individually impactful transits. As such, it will trigger things. As I’ve chosen not to dip too deeply into mundane astrology (events, predictions, etc.), my focus has instead been on the evolutionary playing field which includes the human spiritual experience but is not limited to it. So, from that lens, I’ve been telling students and clients that this eclipse is occurring in the planetary/race’s soul as an ‘invisible beginning’ or a silent coagulation of mass intentionality. For most of us incarnateds on the planet, the eclipse will remain hidden deep in our unconscious. But for those awakened ones, which definitively does not mean Buddhas, saviors and avatars but anyone who has awoken to the deeper dimension of their creative spiritual potential, this eclipse in Capricorn/Cancer involving Pluto, Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter most prominently, is an opening, a holy blink in the Eye of God newly awakening to itself as us. It/We have the capacity, now finally, to consciously transition this bardo as seemlessly as an eye blinks. The planets involved and their sign positions speak directly to this interpretation of the eclipse event.

It might also be imaged as a collective Blinking – both as our individual selves and as a merged Oneness – of the Eye of God (or Aphatheta/Ka’tiim Sphere) on a scale not yet reached. We’re not only waking up and embodying and being our evolutionary Desire, we’re doing it holographically and holonically with large amounts of others. In all the awe of the Times!

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