As our Sun today moves into a right angle with Uranus (if the Sun will allow a little geocentricism on my part), I thought I’d share some angles on Venus you won’t find elsewhere.

Where are we now in our relationship to our Sister Venus? A question that really says, Where are we now in our own femininity? Let’s first briefly understand where we’ve been….

Credit: Adam Gainsburg, SSA

June 14 Venus entered the femininely-charged area of the sky beginning with the Hyades Cluster, which is the meeting point of the two horns of The Bull constellation (no, not Taurus). Venus aligning with the Hyades stirs the procreative / survival / connection urge within us. Check back to around the 14th…were your impulses stronger? have nightmares that the world had run out of chocolate? were you strangely worried that the sky/world was falling/ending?


Bull's Horns constellation

Credit: Adam Gainsburg, SSA

June 17-18 Venus aligned with Aldebaran entering the Bull’s Horns. Venus in “The Space Between the Horns” is a fixing, a setting, sealing, stamping time, so by the time of her exit from the Horns (Jun 29-30), hopefully you’ve settled on your course, chosen your friends, crossed those T’s, and at least decided on the way you were going.  At the very least, you have accepted the fact that you are not meant to do everything that simply crosses your mind, nor are you injuncted to be everything to those who mattered most to you over the last 8 years. But you have vowed to do those things that mattered most, at the very least. You see, “least” is a keyword for this area of space, but not in a poverty sense. In a bottom-line way.

A note to my more esoterically-oriented reader friends: there is another view of this area of space which is too woo-woo for anyone over the age of 5. One simply needs to suspend all disbelief to grok it. If you wish to receive this bonus material, please send an email and include the best proof that you can concoct that you are indeed 5 years of age or younger. And, no, forgetting your keys for the 100th time doesn’t count. Being unable to finish a sentence longer than 3 words is a stronger case however.

June 30.1 Venus’ Surrender & Discovery Phase –  The Moon aligns with Venus for the final time before her disappearance. In Soulsign Astrology, we are now in the Surrender & Discovery Phase’s final HOORAH (though Venus’ dimness in our skies now might make it more like a Hoo-uh). Today we are meant to “lose our participation in the causal chain of Life so that we can discover our boundless, inexorable  relationship with it” (excerpted material >). Keyword here is chain as in bonds. As their final conjunction before Venus disappears on July 10, this is a divine blessing from the Feminine Sway of the Cosmic Hip to try on a new costume of Time. Today, you are being officially dropped from your cellular hook-in to Time as merely past-becoming-present-becoming-future. See what happens when you throw all three into the blender of your Heart by sitting in no-time Time, where everything’s here and there and you have access to all of it, none of it, both of them and neither of them (if you could only quiet that mindstream just for a few minutes).



Credit: NASA Hubble Space Telescope; ESA; J. Hester and A. Loll (ASU)

June 30.2Venus Moon Kiss + Crab Nebula – The Venus-Moon Kiss also  involves the Crab Nebula (the north one). This nebula is one of the most popular to skywatchers. It is a result of a supernova that was first recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054 A.D.  and Navaho and Anasazi petroglyph artists in the American southwest. Today, the Crab Nebula is still one of the most visible nebulae to northern hemisphere viewers, which I take to mean it has meaningful signficance for us.

My guess on it (well, an informed guess maybe) is best explained by my personal moniker for it: Blue TwoHeart. At its core is a super energetic neutron star, around which is a field of blue diffuse light. We now know that half of Blue TwoHeart is moving toward us, the other half away from us. Traditional fixed star astrologers have denoted the nearby star Al Hecka to be mostly unfriendly, bringing negative results, and El Nath (to the north) to be much worse. Rather than rely on past consciousness as the filter for giving stars their meaning to us, I much prefer learning about the star ourselves and attuning to it in whatever way feels most natural and easy.

The day before the conjunction through the day after, take special note of opposed motivations within you. I’m sure by now you know the kind:
I love you   –    I can’t be loved
I want ___   –    I don’t want ____
I need ___   –     I don’t want to have to do ___   –   I’ll never get ___.

Next is to bring your heart, your authentic feelings into the conversation inside. Feel each of them and eventually they might boil down to a core statement or image or color that represents the neutron star of your turbulent nebulaic contradiction. Admit it (whatever it is), embrace it, own it. And finally, don’t believe any of it. Own it, but don’t believe it. Love it, but don’t attach that you are that way only.

In this way, the promise of your Surrender & Discovery Phase will be fulfilled:  surrender everything that you can so that you can discover what can never, ever, be lost.

July 10 Venus disappears from our sky. This is the beginning of the next phase in the Venus Journey, Transmutation. A future blog will cover this in detail but the key dates are:

Aug 16 – Venus and Earth align as two ends of an axis with the Sun in the middle. Venus’ exterior or superior conjunction.

Sep 21 –  Venus reappears in the evening sky now, having orbited from our morning side of the Sun to our evening side. This begins the next ReBirth Phase.


Until new time….