UPDATE 6/6/12: Audio Now Available!

I’ve heard from so many souls that their experience in yesterday’s Awakening the Solar Feminine Meditation was more than magical – it was utterly, heart-fully-Human.

I’d gently suggest listening with full attention. The beneficial effects are magnified when we maintain wakeful attention during any meditation. Listen to an excerpt here:

meditation – sample

Read my email to attendees of the Meditation here > (simply send a blank message with “send” in the subject line)

In support of the 100+ souls who chose to spend their Venus Transit together with me, focusing and receiving their own Solar Feminine archetype, here’s a short list of resources for furthering your embodiment of Her. With love & blessings, Adam

1. The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future >  My newest book!

2. The Light of Venus – live lecture for Nightlight Astrology School >  I’ll be discussing Venus Retrograde as an evolutionary dynamic from the new book. Sunday, June 10, 2012.

3. Deep Heart Meditation mp3 >  The most popular download in our store. The DHM is based on the Breath of the Soul and basic principles of Eastern tantrism.

4. Mars & Venus Live Meditation Archives >  2006-2011 – archives of the free live podcasts I hosted for 5 years designed for us to be attuning ourselves the many alignments of Venus and Mars for our evolution and embodiment. A wealth of information about the cycles and the their spiritual symbolism.

5. (For astrology students) Heliacal & Synodic Cycles > 9-class course open to the public beginning in early August. Through the International Academy of Astrology’s Diploma and Continuing Education Depts.

6. Venus Transit Video > I created this free video to convey the sense of power + beauty or Beautiful Power available to us in the Transit event.

7. Inner Feminine & Masculine Personal Session >  A popular format in my private practice for individual or couples work. We focus on your Feminine and Masculine Dharmas as the lens through which we discover your birth chart’s potentials for your sacred marriage within.

8. (For astrology students) The Mars Venus Audio Course >  A complete audio course with handouts and charts on the Phases of Venus and Mars, and how to integrate them into the horoscope. Pick and choose individual modules, select classes or the entire training!

9. Personal Blend Vibrational Essence >  From the line of vibrational essences I offer for clients and the public.

10. Panacea Community >  I’m happy to be offering teachings and articles for this new community of body, mind, and spirit seekers. I’m one of many other fine teachers of holistic living, meditation and healing.

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