The Real You: A Multidimensional Experience of Your Being in these Unprecedented Times


In this thoroughly immersive experience, you’ll learn about the amazing OmniFrame™, journey into your deeper evolutionary nature as your birthright, and learn what the astrology of our shared Now is REALLY challenging us into. Recorded September 5, 2021 and relevant throughout 2021 and even 2022!

The product downloads have been broken out separately into the 3 unique presentations and two meditations to make it easier to access just the sections you wish at any given time, as well as to make downloading them to your laptop/desktop, etc. easier.

For the initial viewing/listening you will want to watch/listen in the order they were presented:


  • Adam’s Astrology Lecture No.1
  • Cynthia’s OmniFrame Presentation
  • Cynthia’s Meditation No.1
  • Adam’s Astrology Lecture No.2
  • Cynthia’s Meditation No.2


After that you are free to re-watch/re-listen to them in any order and as much as you feel called to. Listening and watching multiple times will open additional layers of meaning/experience with each successive visit!


  • Download includes 3 high definition videos and two audio files
In this first-time collaboration, Adam Gainsburg of Soulsign and Dr. Cynthia Miller combined their wisdom and leading-edge inner technologies for a custom experience to evoke and stabilize us in our multi-dimensional being.


Adam started off by sharing our current astrological influences as a sacred invoking of our complete Self, Now. He described the importance of paying attention to: 


  • where our choices are being driven by what we believe vs. what's true for us;
  • if we're responding or reacting to the wave of change underway;
  • our ability to be not in control and devote ourselves to actively responding to our life now. 


Dr. Cynthia then introduced us to our OmniFrame™, the inner, metaphysical structure of our complete Whole Being, and then led us on an inner journey utilizing Adam's astrology and the group energy into a direct experience of awakening into our evolutionary path.


Following Adam's second astrology presentation wherein he dove more deeply into the United States' Pluto Return chart, Dr. Cynthia led a second meditation to guide us deeper into our shared collective birthing into the Now.


Still taken from Adam's Interview with Dr. Cynthia in early 2021



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