The New Saturn Cycle: Aquarisces! (video download)


In this comprehensive webinar, Adam explains the basics of the Saturn Cycle, both in the sky and in our lives, and offers his delineations of how the coming Aquarius and Pisces Saturn Cycles will both bless and challenge us.

  • 90 min high-definition video recording

Saturn recently began an entirely new cycle with the Sun! In general, Saturn’s heliacal cycle stands for our collective relationship to the continuation of our current laws, allocation of power and resources, and the protection of legacy systems that ensure critical societal functions will continue (like banking, energy, food, healthcare).


This is the AQUARIUSPISCES cycle of Saturn. Which means there will be an increasing inability to know what will be needed in the year ahead or what to rely on to meet future changes. It also means there could be an unprecedented number of people finding themselves in just the right situation at just the right time with just the right people to fundamentally change how we organize ourselves together aligned to our shared vision, resources and needs.


This Saturn cycle will either offer us or force us (up to you) to find out exactly where we are making our most important decisions from: fear of not knowing the future or the plain faith in what we know/feel is the right next step.


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