Fuel Angle Tool Technique (video)


This technique is a fun and original approach to uncovering the depth and juiciness of the personal angles -– the most individuating points in a chart.

  • 50 minute video (MP4)
  • PDF and worksheet handouts
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Adam explains the angles as the energetic architecture that frames, holds or contextualizes our life on Earth and Earth within space; in essence they signify local or current-life aspirations to evolve.

The title of this lecture reflects the view that the tantric planets of Sun-Moon, Mars-Venus correlate naturally to the MC-IC, Ascendant-Descendant, and the sign energies where these four planets reside in our natal chart inform or ‘fuel’ their correlate angles. In turn, the individual dispositors of the signs of the cardinal angles act as a ‘tool’ for that sign energy.

Includes chart examples from lecture attendees.

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