Council of the Feminine (Video)


Learn the meanings of the extraordinary alignments in the current Venus Cycle!

Live, video podcast between astrologers Gary Caton and Adam Gainsburg exploring in-depth the meanings and portents underneath the June-July alignments of Venus, Ceres, Vesta, the star Aldebaran, the Pleiades and Jupiter. This is Real Sky astrology at its collective consciousness and spiritual best! 

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If you’re a lover of the sky, someone who is astounded by the mystery, the beauty and a feeling of deeper connection with the sky, 

Join sky astrologers Gary Caton and Adam Gainsburg for a multidimensional exploration of the truly breathtaking, heart-inspiring alignments involving no less than 8 celestial bodies:  Venus, Ceres, Vesta, Jupiter, South Node, Aldebaran (alpha Tauri), the Hyades cluster of stars, the Pleiades, and the Great Bull of Heaven constellation (Taurus). In the video, they discuss and demonstrate with professional astronomy software:

  • Venus’ heliacal rise as a new morning star  (June 12)
  • Venus’ direct station in the Hyades being both visually bright and mythologically internalized at the same time
  • The gorgeous symbolism of Venus returning to the Palace Home and being met by her royal attendants
  • The perfect symmetry of Venus, Ceres and Vesta moving together
  • The Jupiter-Ceres conjunction, the Vesta-Pleiades conjunction, and the Venus-Aldebaran conjunction…at the same time!
  • How not only our collective “his-story” but our “her-story” is actively being re-written…now and by all of us!
  • The UrMaga celestial axis between Sirius and the the Pleiades as a sentient, evolutional ‘action line’
  • The multi-valent relationship between the divine aspects of the Feminine Principle and the material expressions of Her. 

The video and audio quality are super clear, making it very easy to follow along and take notes (or not) as each point is discussed.

If you are a lover of the sky, mythology, astrology and/or feel you are becoming keenly interested in aligning your life with forces beyond the material world, this video will open your mind and your heart to consider that what we see “up there” is never farther from us than what we are willing to see and feel “in here.”

 Along with the video Gary and Adam recorded, Gary also took an audio recording as well. Go to Gary Caton’s Goddess Astrology Podcast page to listen to the audio for free or listen here:

Council of the Feminine – audio 

Additional information

Long-term Effects

This particular series of alignments will have lasting effects on humanity throughout the current Venus and Jupiter Cycles. If you have come to this page after the June/July timeframe, the relevancy of the information presented in the video remains and perhaps increases over time.


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