Astronomy for Mystics (Audio)


Astronomy for Mystics is one of Adam’s original teachings offering accessible astronomical principles to Soul-conscious individuals intrigued but not well-versed in celestial mechanics. With plenty of graphics, guided visualizations and Adam’s facility integrating esoteric principles with nuts-and-bolts phenomena, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how fascinating astronomy can be!

  • Learn the celestial factors behind days, seasons
  • Revolution vs rotation
  • Earth’s tilted axis and the mystical significations of 23
  • Earth’s wobble, precession and the Age of Aquarius
  • Isis and our ‘Galactic Milk’ (a.k.a. The Milky Way)
  • Ecliptic vs equator, geocentrism vs heliocentrism, and much, much more!
  • 17 audio tracks of over 2.5 hours of teachings including guided meditations and PDF handouts of class material
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Astronomy for Mystics is a powerful support for those looking to dive more deeply into the fundamental principles that make up the cosmos and thus, ourselves. In other words, the core intention of this Soulsign teaching program is to empower those Souls who have devoted themselves to serving ‘The Light With No Second’ with accurate understanding of the body and spirit-body of our local star system.

The class opens with a guided meditation to ground us in our body – the Earth – in order to engender an experience of the material presented, opening the possibility of a deeper integration than simple listening would allow. Adam presents some basic astronomy and celestial mechanics with supporting diagrams and visuals in the handout material for easy correlation.

Some topics covered in the course:

  • How we come to have seasons
  • What causes us to have day and night?
  • The seasonal markers (equinoxes and solstices), and what is the ecliptic?
  • Precession and the Aquarian Age, The Mayan End of Time and the Indian Yugas.
  • What are Nodes and what do they tell us about our Soul’s development?
  • A view of the solar system from the perspective of the Sun (heliocentric)
  • much more!

The class is broken up into 17 audio files for ease of navigation, with descriptive titles such as, Entering the Omnispherical Universe Within and Without, Planets’ Traits and Deeper Meanings, and Enlarging the Solar System, Primal Forces. There is a sound journey and several guided meditations, including one meditation where Adam facilitates a Journey into the Galactic Center!

Listen to a selection from the audio titled, ‘The Creative 23’:


Often times, beauty and grace are hiding in plain sight; what we take for granted wields the greatest influence. Learning the basic mechanics of our Earthly and celestial reality uncovers its deeper mysteries in addition to increasing our ability to orient within our local environments, opening the door to discovering the sacred in the profane. This is implied in the most common axiom attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, ‘As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without’. Said another way,

‘You Are the Stuff of Stars’!



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