“The Big Hug” by Sharon Gainsburg

On a day where much attention is focused on holiday activities and our apparent “independence” it can be valuable to become more aware of how very dependent we actually are on each other, and everything we interact with. Without any of them, our life would not hold the magic potential that it does for us.

A Prayer on Interdependence Day

May we vividly see others as our selves.

May we live the idea of Self as a life of Selflessness.

May we devote our thoughts to understanding, our words to truthfulness, and our actions to peace.

May all of our experiences serve the awakening of all Life everywhere.

May we walk into each moment as if the only truth is All of us.

May we each live this day in celebration of our Diversity and in reverence of our Oneness.


– Adam Gainsburg, copyright 2003-2012.