Now that we’re well into June, the month in 2013 which many astrologers have described as bringing unexpected, quite challenging circumstances into our lives, our capacity to meet life’s challenges are never more important. But what constitutes “meeting” our obstacles for each of us is widely different. For some of us, it’s a matter of not upsetting the peace of our generally reliable routine and those activities and people that bring us enjoyment. For others, it’s increasing our discernment about what we say yes or no to. And for others, it’s about finally stabilizing some aspect of our lives that has been in flux for (what feels like) too long and because of which we’ve been hiding or passive in our embodiment and  expressive capacities. 

When change invites or crashes into our lives, our response to it – whether receiving or rejecting it – is based on if we’re more interested in growth or in a maintenance plan of an already rather balanced, healthy life. I’m emphasizing this distinction about what constitutes ‘acceptable’ or ‘integrate-able’ change to each of us to illustrate that if you are a subscriber to this list and/or the Soulsign Facebook Group, you are probably more of the former. Or likely considering it with more than a passing fancy.

The next time you find yourself responding to changes in yourself and your life (the same thing really) with a consistent and open receptivity, you are doing so because you are Safe to do so and because that’s how you want to experience the changes. Likewise, when you are resisting, hiding, or leaving the Moment when difficult stuff happens, you’re doing so because you are likewise Safe to resist, hide or leave, and because you want to experience departing or rejecting What Is. There is literally nothing inherently better, worse, right or wrong with either choice. We are not better or worse people because we choose one over the other. Spiritual materialism would of course argue otherwise. 

Our psychological, psycho-spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric, and transformational wisdom, our self-understanding and self-frameworks for personal reality, our astrology, numerology, tarot, Enneagramology, shamanism and sadhanas or spiritual practices ultimately can deliver us into a wholly-refreshed beginning, a higher-octave starting point which begins, as it must, with Not Knowing. This is the journey of conscious evolution, in which every step and every new door is reflecting past steps and doors, and portending those yet to come. That which makes the journey richer is a deeper resiliency for being who we Are, which only our authentic moment reveals to us and the universe. 

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