I’ve remained uncharacteristically silent during the recent and ongoing Aries in-rush of planets. Now that the Sun and Mars are each in Taurus, it seems time to share some glimpses of what’s up from behind the Sacred Mars and Venus lens.

Morning Sky Dancers

If you’re up before sunrise over the coming week and with a little luck, you’ll peer an amazing community of our planetary neighbors over the eastern horizon.

May 2011 Planets in Fishes

13 May 2011 – Washington DC, pre-sunrise

Just today and tomorrow, Venus along with Mercury and Jupiter are tucked into the lowest region of the Pisces V (whose correct constellation name is not Pisces but the Fish or Fishes). While Mars is just east of them. Here we have the celestial story of the energized youth (Mars) drawing his charges/path-mates out from the invisible boundaries of an otherworldly underworld. It’s important to see the lower half of the Fishes (erroneously called Pisces) and the upper portion of Cetus The Whale as one meta-pattern together signifying a cosmic map of the infamous veil between the worlds of matter and spirit, as well as the breakthroughs that occur between them (“heirophanies”).

Morning stars all, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are each in the beginning (Mars and Jupiter) or close to midway through (Mercury and Venus) their individual Journeys. The remainder of this short article focuses on Venus and Mars.


Venus & Mars Celestial Phases

Venus continues through her Surrender & Discovery Phase until July 10, while Mars recently entered his Explorations Phase. Where Venus is drawing closer to the Sun through each successive night, Mars is getting left behind by the Sun.

Through Venus’ surrendering each month, occurring at each month’s conjunction to the Balsamic Moon, we receive an injunction to let something go, something that no longer serves the direction our Heart is now opening into. Through each surrender, we later discover a futher dimension of our deeper nature, made visible to us only after our surrendering.

Meanwhile, Mars’ Explorations Phase is a long phase when much life experience is garnered within our Sacred Masculine. Mars’ Explorations is our collective teeth-cutting of successes, failures, clarities and confusions. It becomes the compost or ground of our collective Masculine identity – the Masculine component of the noosphere – at any point in time.

So we see an inexperienced, but vital and energetic Mars drawing (along with Jupiter and Mercury) to him a wisening but lessening Venus*. Mars is gaining in brightness while Venus is dimming; Mars is moving away from the Sun, while Venus draws closer to it. And while Mars is dropping in speed, Venus is increasing hers. The only similarity they are sharing  now is as Morning Stars, which lets us in on the behind-the-scenes scoop for their upcoming May 23 conjunction…..

May 2011 Mars Venus conjunction + Mercury and Jupiter23 May 2011 – Washington DC, pre-sunrise

Venus Mars Conjunction

Morning Star planets all have one thing in common:  they signify for us an overall intent to develop the subjective dimension of ourselves – in essence, becoming a better ourselves: more honest, more courageous, more happy, more creative, more involved in what matters most. You can apply this to any planet’s higher interpretation when it is in its morning-sky period.

May 23’s conjunction of Mars and Venus is a single conjunction; other meetups of the tantric planets occur in series of 2 or 3 meetings.

At 9 Taurus or 14 Aries (tropical / sidereal, respectively), this joining will be (too?) quick and will bring surprises – specifically those with whom we find ourselves aligned with, co-creating with, actually listening to. We may wish that the contact with them continue, or we may long for more connection after a brief encounter or possibility sparks in us, but it will do what it needs to and our choice can be to simply trust that.

May 2011 Venus Mars conjunction chart

Pluto and asteroid Juno form a Grand Earth Trine with the Celestial Lovers suggesting a surprise conjoining of partners or long-term commitments, or the intense breakup of old, defunct partnerships**. Mercury’s proximity to the pair’s position in Taurus / Aries tells us not to bother trying to predict what’s coming….we can’t see it because we’re too “in” it.  And we may not know what happened until June 3. Pallas and Vesta are close with the Moon in tropical Aquarius receiving a trine from retrograde Saturn who is quincunx the Mars-Venus-Mercury trio. The presence of two of the top feminine asteroids here along with Grandmother Moon assure the unexpected nature of what will arise in our hearts and/or bodies with others we engage with at this time. While Rx Saturn either tries to apologize for his karmic impositions (unlikely), repeat them (more likely), or hold the door open for a choice that’s only ours to make:  to finally allow others inside our hearts and safe zones (tropical Taurus) so that all can live the life they wish (sidereal Aries), from the inside out.

An Meditation Invitation….

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* As Venus approaches her last Morning Sky appearance in the Surrender & Discovery Phase for the next Transmutation Phase, she is no longer full and rich but rather thinned and intensely focused. She’s on a mission and nothing will deter her from it. She’s coming to the end of her Morning Sky run and has given up everything required of her in order to enter her own invisibility period with greatest efficiency. It is at these times we see a precious, yet grossly overlooked aspect of the Sacred Feminine that needs understanding and honoring: the Un-Wed Bones Goddess. “Un-Wed” meaning unfound, undiscovered, unrequited and alone, but also unencumbered and free. “Bones” refers to the very structure of physicality and the material universe, stripped of its du jour wrappings which naturally change over time. The Un-Wed Bones Goddess in each of us is the one who goes the distance from the reservoir of our own Love, and not because there’s a shiny, happy ending waiting for us. She is the one who gets us into and through the deepest trials of our lives which always in the end come down to our capacity to love consciously. “Open in love or close and die. It’s your choice.” – David Deida

** Remember, ALL partnerships with other people, causes, gurus and universes are never anything but partnerships with the facets of our own consciousness.