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Feminine January 2008

Then in January, Venus enters her 3rd of 7 Surrenderings, this time in Sagittarius. We now focus on surrendering or ‘releasing in order to reveal’ how we know what we know. And this of course usually works to change what we know! Occurring on Jan 4, this Venus-Moon conjunction asks us to drop the familiar means of moving from our inspired ideas. Perhaps patience, a wait-and-see attitude is more called for. Perhaps this is a good time to allow questions to linger longer than normal as their lingering may catalyze further and quite crucial insight to come forward.

This time may also stir up feelings of discontent with a teacher or your spiritual group. Once again, don’t assume you know why these ‘strange’ feelings are arising; that is, don’t jump to conclusions about what it all means. There will be more for you to discover here if you make space to sit with/in the process.

It’s been my observation that when Venus and the Moon conjunct in Sagittarius during the Queen’s Descent Phase, the most valuable tool to bring out is the ability to sit inside of the questions we have…questions about ourselves, our purpose, or about life itself. Residing deeply in the questions we hold stirs our imagination and subconscious to come forward. In this way, we acquire more support from the non-normal levels of our psyche and this only supports our conscious lives.

On the 24th, don’t be dashed by a circumstance which may have thrown you off in the past. Today, Venus comes into conjunction with Pluto, a time best met with depth, breath and eyes wide open to the process we’ve begun three or so months ago.

The Divine Masculine – The Journey of Mars

Just as the cycle of collective feminine unfolding is revealed by the Venus Journey, our cycle of collective masculine unfolding can be found through the Mars Journey. In a broad sense, the cycle of our collective masculine development is no different than that of our femininity – there is a beginning, there are important events which progress the hero/ine in certain directions, there is a loss-of-self initiation and a re-finding of that Self once again, and there is an integration and dissemination of the wisdom garnered.

The Mars Journey

Yet the Journeys clearly feature unique traits. For example, while Venus will never experience the catalyzing effect of coming into square or opposition to the Sun, Mars does both in each and every Journey he undertakes. And this fact along with other celestial differences, very much shapes our collective masculine reality within us.

Mars represents our masculine impulse, the drive to go, do and accomplish. He is our desire body who reaches, extends and acquires what we want. He is the energy which animates our body to move, the motive force pumping our blood through us to meet the tasks we choose to meet. In December and January, we can find Mars high and bright in the night sky. He is dramatically alone with no other planets even remotely close to him; a poignant image relative to Mars’ nature made even more so by the fact that he is currently retrograde. A retrograding Mars is an uncharacteristically internal Mars or one that questions himself more than normal.

He is amidst the stars of the Twins in the tropical sign of Cancer. Though most astrology might see Mars in Cancer as emotionally volatile or quick to anger, there is a richer understanding we glean when we include Mars’ visual position in the sky.

This is a time for family bonding – reaffirming bloodlines and also forging new friendships. I sense here there will be many of us who find karmic siblings during this time – those with whom we have shared parents, religions and even careers before.
The theme here is on moving past superficial motivations so that our actions align with the wisdom held in our blood: who we are as progenitors of ancient lineages and how such rich reservoirs of experience can be brought to bear on expanding a consciousness of oneness (through the alchemy of opposing forces).

This may also prove a time of superficial optimism either personally or on a global scale in that we may not be seeing the other side to a situation or the ramifications of our current actions. His retrograde motion further attests to this. For under the surface of our hopeful outlook lays waiting an arena of our being which we may not have contacted previously. Unfortunately, there may be some leaders who during this time continue to behave as if they simply do not care about the real effects of their actions.

With an eye on the Mars Journey – the collective masculine development – December sees the completion of the Subjective Maturity Phase. This stage of the 25-month Mars Journey offers a time to become more honest with ourselves about what we’ve accomplished and what we feel is accomplishable in the future. We develop more of an accurate, realistic sense of our individual self. This phase also focuses on how we are limiting what’s possible in the name of being practical. It is, literally, a time for maturing our subjective position – our sense of I – and learning to accept just who and where we are.

The Tide Opens…

As Christmas Eve approaches, something hard to explain begins to happen within our collective reality. The familiar ground of our masculine self drops away. We may feel we are losing something. We may begin to feel like foreigners in our own life. We may have our crown chakras wide open for longer than has ever occurred before. And in some way for many of us, we may feel as if we’ve entered a dream state, where the common energetic ties to people, places and things are, in a snap, no longer there for us. We may too lose our motivation.

This is the Masculine Transcendence Phase and represents the critical event of masculine ‘death’ or loss-of-self. It is analogous to Venus’ Underworld Phase in her Journey, a time of radical loss of the ability to inhabit the container of our Identity.

No matter where or with whom your holiday plans take you, check in with yourself to see what you may feel is somehow missing – felt connection to familiars, normal relationship to your angels or guides, confidence in your intuition, or clarity about where you’re headed.

The Transcendence Phase may also open up greater access to spiritual experience, may grant you a life vision, may invoke a new way of integrating your spiritual wisdom with how you move in the world, and in some cases may introduce you to another Soul with whom worldly accomplishment is in your cards together.

Masculine January 2008

January then brings Mars into the first half of the Integration Phase, known as Re-Orientation. We are re-orienting now to the world and ourselves in it after the Transcendence Phase caused a fundamental changing of the guard or inner rules of action and accomplishment, of desire and passion. In Re-Orientation, our collective masculine identity is like a small child, coming out of infancy, able to walk or even run, but not sure quite yet where to go. It might be said that in Re-Orientation, parts of ourselves are still ‘coming in’ and assimilating us to the new.

Saturday January 19 is a day VERY supportive of cultivating real union between our feminine and masculine energies. On that day, Mars and Venus will oppose one another in the sky. In addition, the Moon will be with Mars and Pluto will be with Venus (see above for a description of this Venus-Pluto conjunction). As the Mars-Venus polarity within each of us symbolizes the primal constituents of duality itself, this opposition literalizes the polarity within our psyches.

To make full utility of this alignment, begin the night before by allowing your inner go(o)ddess and inner go(o)d to speak to you in your dreams. Invite them to message what they desire from you for their greater expression. When you awake, make note of any images, symbols, words, etc. which came. Later that day, sit in meditation in which you invite the same process to occur, this time in your waking consciousness. Make sure to feeeel everything that arises, and not remain in the mind only. Note any changes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the Author: Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul ( His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).

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Sun, June 8 – Venus’ Transmutation Point – The Leo Goddess succumbs completely to the primal source of Feminine wisdom power. What can you die to – right now – that you truly no longer need? To be continued through June 18…

Sat, June 14 – Put those one-shot inspirations and fanciful ideas for personal fun into a bigger picture now: how can you get more people involved with you not to celebrate you but to advance a better social, political situation? How might you generate a more beneficial effect on your community than just displaying your painting in the local
gallery? Today’s a day when you DO NOT want life to be “all about
you” so be inspired instead to make your loving effort “All About We.” (Leo Mars conjunct SouthNode)

Wed, June 18 – “Galactic Full Moon” – This celestial line-up is not to be missed! This Full Moon will be exactly marking Galactic Center with Pluto on the lunar side and Venus close to the solar side, thus including our galactic core into this Full Moon energy mix. Meditate, dance, sing, invoke, or pray not only to our beloved Earth, Moon and Sun but also to the source of our source. Whatever your choice becomes, make sure to consciously align and engage your full being with the tremendous awakening and growth potential of this special “Galactic” Full Moon.

Wed, June 18 – Venus’ Transmutation Point (continued from June 10) asks once again: during this heightened window for transformation, what are you ready to surrender which you now know is false or unnecessary?

Thurs, June 19 – (becomes exact: June 30) Dark fun or powerfully deep time? It’s up to you. This cuspy Grand Trine may show you, after the dust settles, just exactly how ready you are to live life from your inner fire of devotion. Will passion stand in the way or enhance it? Will anger fuel new solutions or old resentments? (Mars, Pluto & Vesta in Grand Earth-becoming-Fire Trine)

Sat, June 21 – You will feel pulled from this opposition – pulled open, that is! The question, dear Gridbuilder is this:  ‘To act or to be, to ‘me’ or to ‘we’? And of course your soul knows the answer to both questions: “Yes!” (Leo Mars opposite Aquarius Neptune)

Mon, June 30 – End the month with some fire…the fire of your passionate action! A good day to yell, to express your anger healthily, to literally dismantle your fear with audacious courage, and to go for what feels to be the juiciest choice. (Leo Mars trine Sagittarius Pluto)


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the Author: Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul ( His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).

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Tues, July 8 – Fri, July 11 – Feeling a little rebellious or fearful of stepping out? Don’t feel equipped to be the man (or inner male) that you’d like to be? Don’t believe it! You ARE all that…and more. Direct the drive of yours toward your sweetie, or into an adventure of fun with an unknown outcome. And don’t be surprised if later you hear back that your bold move inspired others to do the same in their lives. (Virgo Mars conjunct Saturn, Pallas’ NorthNode, Juno’s NorthNode)

Sat, July 12 – Lady Venus exits the Transmutational Underworld Phase, re-entering our collective awareness, by re-appearing low over the western horizon just after sunset. So begins the newly formed Queen of Heaven & Earth (the Divine & Deep Feminine). All Hail the Queen!

Tues, July 15 – The newly arisen Queen Goddess makes her first meeting with a waxing Moon to signal the beginning of the Queen’s Ascent Phase, during which we re-imbue ourselves with our Wholeness step by step by step over the next 7 months.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the Author: Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul ( His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).

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Sat, Aug 2 – Venus conjunct Moon – The first timing event in the Queen’s Ascent Phase. In Leo, the theme for today is Embody Your Self, Your Love, and Your Love for Your Self. Focus on your root, the mula in Sanskrit, and see how grounded and rooted you can become with consistent attention on feeling a connection between your tail and the core of the Earth. Once the connection is made, allow a healthy dose of self-love or self-honoring to move throughout you. This is a great day for cultivating Body Abundance, the sheer joy of your body and all it provides you.

Wed, Aug 13 – Venus conjunct Saturn – Watch out yesterday and today not to fall into old habits of deifying a deadline, putting undue pressure on yourself to fit in, or listening to thoughts of self-judgment or contraction in your relationships. Instead, bring your energy into your 3rd chakra to re-affirm your power to do and be what and who you desire to do and be. Give form to the new balance you are creating now between both past and future and your material and non-material realities.

Sun, Aug 17 – Mars square Pluto – New in his Elder Phase, Mars today is faced with a challenge: can he face what blocks him without resorting to outbursts of anger or inbursts of frustration? The suggestion for yesterday, today and tomorrow is to allow any anger to surface and even express itself, while maintaining the connection to the inner witness. Watch for feelings of not having enough time or resources to achieve what you want…yes, even if what you want is not for you but for others’ benefit. Once you slip into “not enough”-ness, you are creating an unnecessary obstruction to the fulfillment or completion of the effort. Instead, remain available for and detached from intense emotions.

Wed, Aug 20 – Venus conjunct Mercury; Mars conjunct ZS – Here’s an intriguing and perhaps confusing mixture of energies! While your inner voice may find expression today to share your heart’s desire or speak your truth (yay you!), your inner motivation might lead you into strange circumstances. “ZS” stands for the center of our local neighborhood of galaxies; our home Milky Way galaxy is but one of 34 galactic neighbor with whom we all share a common epicenter, a massive black hole. The suggestion regarding the Mars/ZS meeting thus is to follow any inspiration popping up now to do/act/go, if you like the types of adventures where you haven’t figured out the return trip before you depart! Trust is the name of the day in this regard. Think of yourself as a space traveler keeping a voice recorded journal of the (inner?) faces you’ve seen and the places you’ll go.

Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul. His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).

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Mon, Sep 1 – Venus conjunct Moon – The second Venus/Moon meet-up during the Queen’s Ascent Phase. The theme for yesterday into tonight is, Embodying Our Deeper Balance. This mixture of energies in tropical Libra opens our 2nd chakra for this deeper balance. Self-inquiries such as: How can I allow myself to more feel my power? What stands in the way of my giving over control to God/dess and letting my art/love/passion come forward?

Mon, Sep 8 – Mars conjunct Mercury; Pluto SD – In the middle of last month (Aug 17, above), Venus and Mercury met up together. Well today you get to practice the other side of truthful expression: giving voice to your inner masculine. This can lead to opinions flying past the censor of the lips but it also can energize more courageous thinking. You may find yourself wanting to stand up to overbearing relatives or telling someone exactly how you feel about them, no holds barred. Always remember though that your authentic masculine doesn’t have it in him for revenge, hurtful words or abusive behavior. If you notice these things, remember there must be other agendas at play coloring your clear expression of him.

Given the recent Pluto/Mars square (Aug 17, above) and the upcoming Venus/Pluto square (Sep 22), I thought it useful to note today for Pluto’s turn-around. Today is the day when Pluto reverses its retrograde, to go direct once again. This is actually quite an important day, and one I’m surprised more astrologers haven’t paid attention to. Why important? This is the beginning of the ending of Pluto’s passage through Sagittarius. After today, Pluto will once again enter Capricorn (Oct 24) and stay there, never returning to Sagittarius. The beginning of the end for Sagittarian (utopian) ideals, denial (in the words of astrologer Michael Lutin), and irresponsibility. “Captain! There’s a ship in the distance and it appears to be in the form of a Sea Goat!”

Wed, Sep 10 – Venus conjunct Mars – For an overt MarsVenus-ophile, this is a day to be celebrated with both private time and public revelry.

In one way, approach the energies today as a sacred divine marriage between your inner shakti and shiva (no, you don’t have to convert to Hinduism!), the way they naturally come together. In another view, prepare an inner temple space, within your own heart chamber, and invite both your Deep Masculine and Deep Feminine to have a conversation, share a meal, French kiss or make beautiful love. If, however, one or the other isn’t really available for this either because they’re dating someone(s) else, they’ve become too wrapped up in work, or they’re currently of the belief that the other simply isn’t their type, then it’s your duty to really listen to why. Engage them in questions and answers and own EVERYTHING they tell you as the result of your prior choices, consciously or unconsciously.

Today is a day of Holy Union or hierogamos, a very ancient rite practiced for many thousands of years in many hundreds of cultures. Today is a day to cellularly and directly do something about the quantity and quality of your inner holy marriage. No, not by signing up to Spiritual Singles Inc. I mean really do something real about it: take whatever next step is required to bring your inner Divine He and She closer together. This is the real secret of finding a mate: do your inner work to create that mateship you long for in the outer world. Because if you do find a partner and they are ‘meant’ for you, sooner or later your ‘stuff’ is going to prevent further intimacy, growth and trust between you.

Their sacred union occurs smack dab in the middle of tropical Libra (Libra 15), the place in consciousness that sooo loves balance, equality and harmony, that it can make for a rude awakening when such ideals eventually shift or are upset by new changes. Archetypally, the center of Libra is the balance between all our different behaviors and the sub-personalities they source from. It is a psychoid space in our collective consciousness which represents the very tipping point of our future: in which direction will we head? How consciously will be make our choices? How intra-communicative are we?

It is this intra- (self with self) communication which is the big focus in this version of the Sacred Marriage occurring now. As a collective Self, we are afforded a wonderful opportunity to balance any over- or under-developed feminine qualities with the masculine perspective, and any over- or under-developed masculine qualities through the feminine perspective. So for you, invite your Primal Pair to fully presence itself at some point yesterday, today or tomorrow. The likelihood is that at some point, you, and They, will be very grateful you did.

Sun, Sep 14 – Mars trine Chiron – This energy would be notable even without its Mars Journey context. In his Elder Phase, Mars today aligns with Sir Chiron, Lord of the Deep Heart. Framed by the Elder Phase energetics, this trine will potentize our direct access to our actual protection devices for the sole purpose of our releasing them. We must release them if we desire to live the life we were meant to. This will require from us courage to let our guard down, to let our feelings be felt and to live, for a time, in our vulnerability. Don’t be surprised, too, if you find that others take your example to heart and make similar changes in their own ways.


Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul. His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).

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Wed, Oct 1 – Venus conjunct Moon – (see Feminine description below)

Thurs, Oct 2 – Venus conjunct Her SouthNode – Some potentially (very) old patterns may pop in today trying to bait you away from your current reality. They may revolve around where and why you place trust in others. And they may reveal how a part of you isn’t convinced that accepting what is real is really all that interesting. If you notice this, simply let them ride right on through….making sure to watch them, watch them and watch them some more…as the witness from the veranda of your Heart.

Sat-Sun, Oct 4-5 – Venus conjunct Jupiter/Saturn midpoint – Don’t make hasty decisions. Rather, weigh the options to see where just the right balance between optimistic pragmatism and realistic growth really are. With that identified, move forward with the right amount of resources, energy and contacts.

Fri, Oct 17 – Mars conjunct His SouthNode – Some potentially (very) old patterns may pop in today trying to bait you away from your current reality. (Sound familiar?) These relate to our unwillingness to get angry, take charge, blow off steam or rationalize any strong emotions with see-through niceties. Today is a day to Go For It.

Our Deep Feminine through October & November 2008

In these two months, humanity’s feminine principle is in a markedly different developmental process than its masculine. October and November will see Venus steadily growing in celestial stature, gaining brightness and height in the night sky while holding very near to its maximum orbital speed. Venus continues her Queen’s Ascent Phase, the benchmark events of which are the dramatic visual conjunctions with a slender crescent Moon in a darkened sky each month (on Oct 1 and Nov 1). These conjoinings of Grandmother Moon and Lady Venus further our embodiment of our Feminine Natures. October’s embodiment is of our power and how we utilize it. It asks anything from, “Are you substantiating your sensual experience with self-respect?” to “Are you unafraid to meet the most difficult things in your life with courage and openness?” to “Can you surrender to Life’s injunctions that you leave the past in peace?”

November progresses us even further into our feminine reality with its Embodiment of Knowing. With our reclaimed power from last month’s embodiment, here we journey further into our knowing. Soulsign Astrology makes an important distinction between knowing and knowledge. Where the former is the implicit intelligence always available from our basic physiology, intuitive and empathic abilities, or spiritual wisdom/guides, the latter is all the data we’ve acquired from our education – either academic or of the ‘life’ variety. November is a heavenly supported time of going past our known limits to reach for what we desire, validating those intuitive hunches which we just haven’t gotten around to fully trusting yet, to being willing to listen to the sense that what our eyes are relaying may not be altogether ‘real.’

In the difficult times this month of October, look to night-sky Venus for an example of an older sister/teacher who’s faced death and is now on the rise with all the strength such trials bestow!

Transpersonal Change

Important astrological events, beyond the cycles of Venus and Mars, occur in both months to further support change within and without us:

October 25 – Chiron stations direct in Aquarius – “Your wholeness is in every moment”

November 2 – Neptune stations direct in Aquarius – “You are ready to dream the future”

November 4 – Uranus opposite Saturn (1st of 7) – “The highway or “my”? way, it’s your choice”

November 26 – Pluto enters Capricorn (for 23 years) – “The time of endings and the End of Time”

November 27 – Uranus stations direct in Pisces – “Be the instrument of peaceful change you seek”

With so much change to every one of the outer planets (representing the transpersonal level of our consciousness), fixing your sights on your inner masculine and feminine will prove to be a reliable barometer for adjusting to life’s challenges.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the Author: Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul ( His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).

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Welcome into November…

A Mercurial Farewell

…a month beginning with Mercury completing his retrogra-dance and resuming forward motion once again. In Libra now, the Quick One’s message to us might be, “take a final tally of those people you’d like to continue with in life and commit to the friendship, partnership, relationship with them in fullness.” From today, the 1st through the 17th, Mercury approaches the position of his retrogra-dance station back in October, which says that we’ll have an opportunity to re-examine and re-integrate choices made from September 22 through October 9.

Place of Our Sacred

The first days of this month will also see Saturn in Virgo trine Vesta in Capricorn while Venus and Mars enter the “Aspect of the Goddess” aka the quintile. These two shorter transits are similar in theme as they each focus on re-forming our expressions of what is most meaningful to us in life.

The Saturn/Vesta trine, from the 1st through the 5th, can be quite demanding…from inside. We will need to take positive steps in the direction of what will benefit not only ourselves but others as well. Take a broader perspective but not too broad that you lose your own inner feeling for the divine holiness.

For me, quintiles are fascinating relationships as they can reveal fundamental processes of creative change. The quintile is the aspect of the feminine because the infamous pentacle shape is composed of five of them. With Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer now in a quintile from the 1st through the 3rd, the area being ‘creatively changed’ is our place of the sacred. This is a phrase we’re using these days in the Soulsign® work to refer to the inner and outer areas of our lives in which we desire and are wired to the holiness of our being. This Mars-Venus influence may show up in us unknowingly excluding (perhaps by only including certain) people and or groups from our place of the sacred. It may occur around who we let into our home, either literally or metaphorically such as our heart. Watch to make your prayers as inclusive as your heart desires to, and to regularly devote the grace, gifts, love, kindness, compassion and wholeness in your life to the benefit of those less fortunate than you.

A week later, from the 12th through the 17th, Mars reaches opposition with Vesta perhaps indicating a completion to this not-so-obvious series of transit influences. The message here is to be willing, once we’ve refined how we enter our place of the sacred, to move strongly in the direction of what we’re now knowing which will, for many of us, come to us by way of what we’re now (or newly?) feeling. Trust what the small voice inside is saying, no matter how insurmountable or intimidating it may be. Take a step or a few of them in that direction.

1st Surrendering

On the 5th, Venus and a waxing Moon will conjunct. The timing of this conjunction within the larger Venus/Sun cycle indicates that it is the first Surrendering in the new Venus Journey we began in August. Each Journey represents the collective development of the feminine principle otherwise known as the Goddess by many. Each Surrendering occurs to allow the feminine principle to be unpacked, released, and thus known in our bodies, hearts and minds. This Surrendering will focus on our beliefs, concepts and ideas about our calling, our purpose, our dharma. (Each month I offer “Attunements,” transmissions of the inherent energetics in each Venus and Mars Journey. It’s a deeply supportive way to keep oneself “attuned” to the cycles of feminine and masculine development.  HYPERLINK “https://soularchive.wpengine.comattunements”

Sufficient Space

In an apparent celestial synchrony, during and 2 days after Venus’ Surrendering, She enters a square with Pluto. The signs at play, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Sagittarius, here indicate we would be wise to watch how our beliefs are infringing on others. It may provide a strong reminder that one of the key understandings of honor and respect is sufficient spaciousness allowed for the other to have their beliefs and process of growth.

Mars Swimming Backwards

Mars will station (turn) retrograde on the 15th. On a broad level, the Mars station (retrograde)  signals the midway mark of the Subjective Maturity Phase in the Mars Journey. This 3-month phase is a time for our collective masculine consciousness to mature into a more well-rounded expression…no longer acting on its own impulses without thought of consequences. On an individual level, Mars consistently wins the planet award for Most Retrograde-Resistant because he symbolizes that part of us which acts, does, moves, asserts and accomplishes through basic willful energy (such as overcoming obstacles to reach a goal).

Mars is in Cancer, the sign of our ancestors and lineages, our subconsciously-inspired dreams, our emotional safety needs, and our gifts of caring for others in a pragmatic way. Cancerian Mars brings out our protectiveness, sometimes fiercely. He is often at the effect of powerful emotions which we may not always be able to keep contained. He can also bring out in us any vengeful nerve, but can just as easily make a courageous stand for those who cannot care for or defend themselves. The key with Mars in Cancer is that the emotions get a powerful jolt strongly suggesting that we develop a healthy balance between emotional flow and expression and detachment from becoming emotionally reactive.

The Dawning of an Ending

On the 22nd, the Most Bright One (aka, the Sun) enters Sagittarius, followed quickly by a square to the Nodal Axis. This would warrant attention on its own, however, being that Sagittarius is the current home of: Pluto, Jupiter and the Galactic Center, attention is even more demanded (Sun will meet up with Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and the GC beginning on the 19th of next month. This will be the final Sun-lit hoorah for Pluto/Jupiter/GC in Sagittarius, as next year when the Sun returns to the sign of the Archer, Pluto will have ingressed into Capricorn and away from GC.

The sign of Sagittarius, just like every sign, can be seen in a myriad of ways. It is our path of seeking knowledge beyond what our eyes can see and ears can hear; it is how we make our way in life from a larger than mundane perspective; it is our inner spirit guide and often our outer spirit teachers; it is every way our physiology can grow, get bigger, make more and expand itself; and it is the experience of attaining a higher state of awareness through our own efforts of meditation, inner practices, or exposure to new understandings and broader views. Through Sagittarius, we gain the ability to strive for, to seek, to know ourselves beyond our corporeal form.

Just as the Sun ingresses on the 22nd and especially from the 23rd-25th, allot time for meditation or your preferred contemplative (inwardly-directed awareness) practice. This will align you to the Sun’s square to the Nodal axis, a time always about opening one’s higher centers to receive the light, love and support for continuing our journey with renewed enthusiasm and creativity.

At the very end of November, the Most Bright One will come to square Timebound Saturn which may bring the effect of either a contraction or stoppage to our plans (and in extreme cases may cause some to sustain a small bone injury) or the pieces of a situation finally locking into place to show us the path.

Remember Your Destiny

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the Author: Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul ( His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).



Sat, Nov 1 – Venus conjunct Moon – (see Feminine description above)

Wed, Nov 12 – Venus conjunct Pluto – In case you missed the full opportunity of October 1st’s Embodiment of Power, here’s another shot at it. The suggested strategy this time: surrender to activate change.

Wed, Nov 26 – Pluto enters Capricorn – In astrology, an outer planet changing signs is big deal….actually, it’s a huge deal as it means humanity as a whole will be under a very different energetic influence relative to that planet’s function within it. At this level, the planet (or plutoid) Pluto signifies the raw forces of evolution, no matter who or what it finds in its path toward the next stage of life. Where this is obviously the inner symbolism, the outer Plutonian meaning is the raising up into manifestation of what we have repressed and denied. It gives expression to what no one wants to admit and will very often produce a clash between groups who are tired of keeping a lid on things and those who are invested in doing so. Welcome to the next 15 years of Pluto’s influence on us (yes, that’s 2023), a time when we will see even greater effort by those intentions currently in power to remain there, which is emanating out of the perceived threat to national security/identity/economic stability yet is actually coming from its own shadow.

The now-infamous Mayan Calendar end-date of 2011 or 2012 (depending who one chooses to follow) is falling under Pluto’s transgress through Capricorn. This is a literal “end of time” as we know it, where Capricorn constitutes everything to do with time, the world, upholding order, getting old and lived wisdom. With Pluto here, we are truly blessed to be carrying these precious, sacred human bodies through this dimensional shift point of the end of the Calendar. It is an entrustment, to this astrologer anyway, which we must take with full heartfull seriousness.

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About the Author: Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul ( His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).


Mon, Dec 1 Venus conjunct Moon & Jupiter (Capricorn) – Embodying Our Inner Authority and what that feels, tastes, moves like within us. Taking risks to expand our dominion of influence.

Fri, Dec 12 (12:12) – Mars square Uranus – Something unexpected is granted us. We see or understand what we might not have in the past. Are we ready to actually see it?

Mon, Dec 15 – Mars square Saturn – The other side of the now-infamous and well underway Saturn-Uranus opposition. The opposition itself signifies structuring our collective future together, revolutionizing what we individually define to be pragmatic and responsible, and attempting to mobilize large sums of people – communities – for the purpose of improving how we live on planet Earth and within Gaia’s Heart. The Saturn Mars square has us confront the inner or outer authorities which have not yet realized we need more room to grow than ever before.

Tue, Dec 16 – Venus conjunct NorthNode – Establishing the seed location for the future Feminine. This alignment has far-reaching implications for how deep we allow our experience of Her within us to go.

Tue, Dec 23 – Venus conjunct Chiron – Sometimes our heart must be gently pried open to increase its ability to love. Remember, the only one resisting any such prying is the one falsely believing it won’t survive such an opening.

Sat, Dec 27 – Venus conjunct Neptune – Allow your Soul strings to sing as high as they wish. Balance this with some real volunteer time for those less fortunate as you.

Wed, Dec 31 – Venus conjunct Moon (Aquarius) – See Deep Feminine below.


Our Deep Feminine through December 2008 & January 2009

In December, Lady Venus makes conjunction to Jupiter (12/1), the North Lunar Node (12/16), Chiron (12/23) and Neptune (12/27). All this occurs within the cycle of Her Embodiment of Authority on 12/1 when she conjuncts Moon in Capricorn. Feminine Authority is the autonomy of our bodies, emotional experience and the Divine right to move in and with our autonomous Light. “Light” here means that which can shine and can be seen and known. It is our life force, our uniqueness, our passions. With each of Her four important conjunctions occurring within this context, December will prove to be a time of challenging us to authorize and authenticate our experience on our own terms. Feminine Authority is the Wisdom of Shining Our Light and Flowing In Love. This applies to ANY form of how we are moved to dance through our day, in our relationships or toward our dharma.

Take note that New Year’s Eve day will see Venus and Moon conjunct in Aquarius, marking the end of the Queen’s Ascent Phase and the ingress of Her Wholeness Phase.

January thus begins with Feminine Wholeness. Wholeness in the Venus Journey means our collective Feminine has successfully reconstituted her Body in the form of our collectively greater awareness of our Inner Feminine. This expresses in the forms relevant to the Journey’s intent, which currently is Leo. Thus, look for any signs that self-love, creativity, playfulness, regality, leaps of faith and family building are in the works for you through January. If so, you’ll know the Goddess has chosen YOU to experience herself as Whole in some specific way.

On or just around the 22nd (Thursday), something unexpected may be thrown your way. No, there was nothing you should have or could have done differently to avoid or enhance what appears. Just make sure that on New Year’s Eve day, when Lady Venus and Grandmother Moon meet up in Aquarius, you set your intent for how your vision may be enhanced by a release of fear, contracted thinking, or dysfunctional partnerships. This intention setting then will show results on the 22nd.

Our Deep Masculine through December 2008 & January 2009

A vibrant, red and full-blooded W E L C O M E ! into this new Journey of the Masculine! December 5 marks the exact conjunction of Mars with the Sun, the inception of the entire Journey. Known as the Self-Conception Phase, this is the beginning of the beginning of our collective masculine development. Just as you began at a conceiving, so does our collective masculine. For when Mars and the Sun are together, human consciousness is collectively deciding on just what is potential growths can be in the coming 25-26 month growth cycle.

The Self-Conception Phase is an unusual time because there is nothing we can point our fingers to that can be linked with the Phase’s unique qualities. Why is this? It is simply because the 4-6 day Phase is literally a time of gathering etheric resources to properly gestate toward eventual Birth. If this sounds similar to the way each one of us entered physical life, it is. We are conceived yet that zygote is not us. We gestate, developing all biological and psychological structures, yet we are equally not the fetus going through constant change in the womb. What we are, what others can point to and know as us, is who we are at birth. Certainly, astrologers for millennia have practiced their craft on this simple assumption.

Let’s apply this to what the Mars Journey signifies: the collective masculine element within human consciousness. While the Self-Conception phase occurs ‘in the sky’ in a sign and particular degree, that sign’s energy and degree is not what we as members of the human race can point to and confidently label as our masculine intent in the coming Journey. This is because it’s happening before Birth. For this, we need the position of Mars at his Birth Phase. Once again, same as the human conception/gestation/birth process. This next Journey thus is leading toward a Capricorn Masculine Birth or overall intention for the entire Journey.

For the time being, December will see us in an apparently ‘dormant’ phase of typically masculine activity. Take for example, the ‘lame-duck’ period in between outgoing and incoming U.S. presidents. These two do NOT always align, since Mars Journeys are not synchronous with our solar year. When they do, what we are witnessing in the worldwide symbolic image of a much-despised president leaving office is the dissolving of the former image of the masculine we have collectively created/chosen. With the new presidency entering on a platform of Change, we have the entry of the new masculine.

For December then, be willing to review the last 26 months of your choices related to your inner masculine and set your own New Masculine’s resolutions (a light take-off from the popular New Year’s resolutions).

Then in January, the Gestation Phase commences to literally grow them within and through us. During Gestation it is easy to clarify or alter your resolutions because the collective gestational energy is entirely fertile – whatever we place our minds on – even subconsciously – will gestate and arise in form/awareness at or after Birth. Remember too that this is the gestation process of the masculine within you/us; it is not generic gestation which might otherwise be applied to anything. Masculine gestation processes are naturally concerned with direction and drive. Yes, this can be taken to remind us that gestation is strongly directed to prepare for and complete at birth. But more specifically, gestation of the masculine principle is responsible for those subtle, collective preparations for how the soon-to-be masculine expression – here, Capricorn – will direct itself once birthed into form. Capricorn directionality is pragmatic, efficient, group-minded, and generally incorporates much if not all of an entire process into step-by-step plans. So Capricorn moves in order to effect a successful group effort. Its quality of moving forward (directionality) is therefore also serious and expectant that individuals serve the group rules. Therefore we can surmise that the latter part of December and January will see the plans you’ve made for the foreseeable future requiring (demanding?) of you consistent, sometimes difficult choices to be made if, as a Capricorn friend likes to say, “You want to push the rock forward.” It will be a very strong time for the building of character, for trusting what you are knowing rather than what you are seeing on the surface, and being willing to stand behind that knowing. Remember that we are collectively planting our intentions now for the next 24+ months of our masculine development!


Adam Gainsburg is the founder of Soulsign Astrology. He maintains an active counseling and healing private practice outside Annapolis, Maryland in the US. He is an author, sound healer and originator of what may be the first meditation form derived exclusively from the astrological mysteries, known as Breath of the Soul. His upcoming book, Bridges of Union, will focus on his six years of research and study into the Mars and Venus synodic cycles (2009).