Ken Tucker, LMT From Adam: Ken’s work is truly evolutionary, combining the most audaciously honest approach to our feeling body with the muscular surrender of the NeuroSoma® technique. This combination – through Ken’s incredible empathic abilities – will radically accelerate one’s healing. I highly recommend Ken to anyone ready for true Heart-sourced living. As Ken says, “It’s not for the faint of heart”. ” – Adam Gainsburg

2013 InnerView

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From Ken: “I have been practicing the Neurosoma technique for over a year now and I have to say it is far superior to any bodywork modality I have used over the past 25 years! I am seeing chronic spasm and tightness disappear in just a few treatments. Look into Neurosoma.

“Emotions are not positive or negative, they are received or resisted. When we receive them, we get what we need in the moment. Relearn how to feel so you can stay present in the moment and not use subtle muscular “holding” to resist your feelings. Resisting creates chronic muscle tension.

“I use Neurosoma and Feeling Body Therapy to assist you in separating emotional holding from your musculature so that you are not creating more and more spasm. This process also helps with correcting everyday misuse of our bodies. This is not New Age it is science.”

InnerView Highlights

  • Having the capacity to have our real feelings
  • “We’re always safe, but don’t we always choose to be safe…. If you can find the chooser inside you, and choose love in your open heart first, then you’re safe.”
  • “Love is always supporting us wherever we are. We don’t always want to take responsibility for where we are….”
  • “Not letting go of your intellect, you’re letting something else be first.”
  • Phowa practice with a Horse.

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