Gifted spiritual counselor and psychic, Tony Leroy, recently sent this out. I feel it’s such a clear elucidation of a perspective we almost never take: we are the instruments of Life’s love for itself, and not the other way around. Tony’s site is here.

“In my meditation last Monday I heard the words, “Who are you to get in the way of God’s gifts and love”. Yeah… then everything started to spiral out of control from there. It was quite a bold statement surely in keeping with how my guides tend to hit me over the head with information. I have to say on some level I am still spinning from it. The deeper I get when I meditate on it, the more that is revealed to me (right now I am contemplating Dante’s Inferno and the seven gates of hell. Seriously. Oh, but I digress). Not only did I see how profound the statement is to me, I also saw the ideas of it at work with my clients… And of course – yes, it got them reeling too. I am now more keenly aware on how many levels I have allowed fear to blind my path. {{{Sigh}}}

What an amazing power our minds have over us. It is really interesting if we could step back and become a witness to how much power it has over our daily lives. It really is our most profound love and our worst enemy. The ego fills us with such self-worth and sometimes way too much self-importance. These are mostly generated by an aura of doubt. I say this because the ego-mind truly wants us to feel bliss in accordance with paralyzing fear. We have all seen this at work in the world around us and in those we love. It is time to remember that within each of us there is infinite potential. We are all born of limitless compassion and LOVE. It is in our nature to draw to us what we need to survive and grow. Unfortunately fear, shame, and doubt seep into our very nature and has fogged our vision and our hearts. It’s time to remember… It’s time to channel all of those feelings of confusion and fear to become a way of certainty and unbending truth.

The truth is that you are more than you could even imagine. Let us all see you for who you really are.”