Greetings Soulsigners, from the inchoate beginning of our collective genetic Other Side. I wish to share a bit – just a wee bit.

I first awoke to my deeper nature in the mid-90s thanks to the truth that is the Mayan Tzolkin or Chol’kij and to Christopher Emmer, a friend and guide for me then. A few years later saw me lecturing and doing some private readings based on the timing codes of that template (the Tzolkin). I found a natural fit with translating specifically galactic characteristics of people. And of course the most popular question I fielded during that time was What does 2012 mean?

Shift to now, 2012. Like you, I am a different expression now than i was then as I’ve become more coherent with the indwelling, non-dwellable essence of being. And, surprising to me, I have very li

ttle to share about 2012 and 2013 and What it means. Perhaps it is because it seems to me to be old news. What IS exciting for me now is Living What Is. Creating, loving, feeling, and receiving my moment.

There will be precious discoveries, most of which only some of us will hear about. And this is a good thing to me as we only really need the things that offer themselves to us in our moment: love, a gift, an argument, a hurt, a memory, a vision, an insight and nibble of dark chocolate.

There will be innumerable of these silent discoveries and they are to be celebrated in the space of our receiving human hearts. I’m committed to mine and I so look forward to sharing the space of ours together. With love, Adam