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With a bright Venus at the Pleiades tonight through Thursday, Jupiter about to end his synodic cycle with the Sun, and a still orange and bright Mars completing his Lasso’ing of the hind legs of the Lion, it seems like the right time to share two exciting announcements:

For the last 9 months, I’ve been developing a new breed of software for linking astrology back to the living sky. The result is SKY ENGINE SOFTWARE. It’s the only app for Windows and Mac computers that instantly calculates planetary phases based on the complete picture of a planet’s celestial reality:  longitude, latitude, speed, elongation, brightness and more. SKY ENGINE bridges the gap between most of the astrology practiced today and a comprehensive understanding of a planet’s astronomical reality. There’s a quickly growing number of practitioners and sky lovers who desire to know not just ‘what’s up there’ but how the many spherical movements of our cosmos actually work together. SKY ENGINE delivers this with extensive data, easy searches, a graphics module and complete chart wheel functionality from top-rated professional astrology platform, Intrepid.

All the information, including features, screen shots and ordering details are at the new Sky Engine website. Learn more and order here:


It’s my aim that Sky Engine will catalyze a richer conversation and more creativity among astrology professionals and students around re-incorporating the living sky into contemporary astrology. Join me!

“The Sky ain’t falling, it’s returning!”


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My latest book goes to the printer in 2 weeks! So far, some of the world’s top astrologers have really taken quite a shine to THE LIGHT OF VENUS, including Steven Forrest, David Cochrane and Melanie Reinhart.

“I am blown away by the depth and soulfulness of what you have done.” 
– Jessica Murray, author of Soul-Sick Nation and At the Crossroads: An Astrologer Looks at These Turbulent Times.

For the first time, a complete system of Venus Phases shows you how astrology maps not only your sacred Feminine Self but your emergent Feminine Dharma as well, your maximal contribution to a better world through your fully embodied femininity!

Learn More & Order Here >

Order by 6-6-12 and receive a special gift and reduced shipping!
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