As a Teacher of Life with the Panacea Community, I’m honored to share that I’ll be a presenter during this month-long event!

SUBJECT:  The Teachings of Life!  A Movement Towards More Consciousness, Abundance, Vitality, and Peace!

This movement is focused on bringing more consciousness, abundance, vitality, and peace to the planet. 
I will be speaking alongside other leading speakers, internationally best selling authors, and master teachers of life who are all dedicated to creating a better future for humanity. 
Please join us in this movement to help bring more consciousness, abundance, vitality, and peace to more people around the planet. 
You Can Register for this Life Changing  Event Free Today by Visiting:
If you’re ready to take your life, relationships, career, health, and joy of living to a whole new level, make sure to join us soon so you can tune into all of the live classes that will be taught by this wonderful selection of internationally best selling authors, speakers, and master teachers of life.  
I am honored to be a part of this movement and will be sharing a very valuable workshop with you that may help you change the way you look at your life forever. 
Join us in this worldwide movement and let’s co-create a better future for humanity.