April 15, 2011. Today is the Birth of Mars.

For Mars to ‘birth’ means quite a number of things Mars’ Birth Phase:

….visually means that today is potentially the first time you can place your eyes on him after his conjunction with the Sun on February 4 (Mars’ Self-Conception Phase), so long as your local horizon and weather conditions grant their permission. You’ll catch him just before sunrise if you look low over your eastern horizon. For most of us, it will take longer to see him. You can thank light pollution, high horizons or your own latitude for the delay.

…orbitally means that Mars is significantly distant in his orbit from the Sun for us on Earth to see him. He’s separated enough from the Sun after conjunction to return as the symbol of our masculine drive;

collectively means that our current masculinity is just beginning – and I mean barely out of the gate – to get our head on straight enough to know what in the worlds he/we are supposed to be doing now.

Enhanced view of Mars Rising 15 April 2011

sexually means it’s time to come out of the closet and get on with being the BEST lover and receiver of love you can possibly be. It’s time to unsheath yourself from fear, shame and stereotypes so that you can give and be given to in ways ecstatic, gorgeous and leave you wuntin’ for nuthin’.

astrologically means that it’s time for us to act in the direction of our Desire (notice the capital ‘D’). I’m talking here about the larger Desire at the heart of your Life, not the next craving from your tummy or genitals. Desire = that portion of Universal Purpose which you are wired to be the one and only translator and activator for something tangible, something real, something personal, accomplish-able and meaningfully juicy…to you. This guarantees that the right people – the ones served by your particular brand of genius – will take notice.


Collective Crock Pot

Since 4 February, we’ve been collectively stewing in our own doingness juices. Between then and now, Mars has passaged through his Gestation Phase, still invisible to our eyes and aptly through the sign of invisibility, Pisces. This has positioned our current, cellular relationship with confusion and transcendence within a context of “hurry up and do it!” Not fun for most of us. It’s forced us to deal with not knowing, being thoroughly confounded by our own inability to clarify, and/or to puts lots of energy into non-material efforts (ie, meditation or spiritual adventures). Be not surprised if the fruits of your recent labor turn into nothing or something radically different or over-delayed. Oh, you’ll see results for sure, but they will align with your hopes if they serve something bigger (Pisces) then you are imagining.

Add to this picture a host of more popular transits – Mercury retrograding into conjunction with Mars opposite Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, as well as the Jupiter Saturn opposition – and the lesser knowns – Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron in the relative beginning of each of their own new Journeys, Mars contraparallel Saturn and soon Chiron – and the outlook becomes anything but organized. Every bit of your material life – each parcel of which is a holo-extrapolation of every bit of your inner life – is being put through multiple sieves simultaneously.

So one aspect of your shadow – your hidden, repressed self – may believe it got away again undetected from you and everyone else, while one facet of your light – your conscious, expressed self – may feel secure yet again in its familiar accomplishments, but what’s really happening now is that your shadow is being dragged closer to your aware self while your light self may be standing on the abyss of a terrifyingly foreign version of who you are.

As well there is so much new now, so much that we can’t put our fingers on that we simply cannot know for sure what’s “new”, what’s to “know” and what else is a flat-out “no more and not ever again.” It’s like our bodies – our gross physiologies – are in a perpetual state of catch-up with the latest upgrades to our changing lives and hurry-up-and-integrate from the most recent fall-0ut from our healing process. If we ever thought we knew what was happening, it’s time to cut the b.s. to ourselves. A full Venus cycle ago (8 years), I taught a series of workshops I called “Becoming Best Friends With Your Personal I Don’t Know”. Was that ahead of it’s time or what?


The Sky of it All

Right around the time the Birth Phase becomes the Explorations Phase (29 April – 1 May), Mars will meet up with Jupiter just inside the huge, celestial cords of the Fish constellation (Pisces).

Mars, Jupiter and others near the Fishes 2011-04-30

This is like the over-serious actionaholic and the loopy “it’s all good” partier at loose at an open bar…not enough structure, contrasted styles and a beyond ability to access higher states of consciousness with little interest or no ability at remembering anything the next morning. And yet, there they, and we, are.

Mars Jupiter 2011-04-30

So begins this Journey of Mars, 4 February 2011 into 17 April 2013. This is the ARIES JOURNEY FOR OUR COLLECTIVE MASCULINE where Aries is the domain of complete consciousness through which humanity moves closer to embodying our Sacred or Divine Masculine. We will do this Journey together through Mars’ 13 Phases over the next 24 months (2 are already complete). With Mars birthing into our view now, set your intentions for how your own Sacred Masculine wants to be made more alive, more powerful, more here through you. Look at your your own masculine self and qualities; examine your relationship to ‘him’. What’s he saying or screaming or crying about? What’s he feeling? What’s he needing? What does he want to do now?


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