The national astrology conference (NCGR, for National Council for Geocosmic Research) in Boston was  big success. My definition of success, here, not the organizers, though i’m sure they’d check the same box but for different reasons. Success, to me, because there was a palpable sense of community, of connection. BIG GRATITUDE to the organizers for their thoughtul and heartful shaping of the weekend for everyone: Madalyn, Gloria and the others whom I don’t know.

For my part, I had a new experience. I was to lecture at the last time slot on the last day, along with my colleagues in other tracks lecturing in different rooms. Yet a few hours before the lecture was to begin, I felt quite tired and ‘complete’ in terms of the weekend experience – with the banquets, dinners and Mikey Lutin’s hysterical-and-profoundly-insightful musical one evening. For this very reason, I was relieved and grateful when about 30 people still managed to make it to my lecture and sit through the whole thing. I was told people really liked it and appreciated the beauty of the slides I prepared – photorealistic images of the night sky, Mars, Venus; new info like the “Mars Flower” – the celestial pattern Mars makes with its retrograde loops; and the astronomical info about the planets themselves. One respected colleague from Chicago later complimented the lecture as being “revolutionary”. My Aquarius Mercury really liked that!

I attended the lectures of some awesome astrologers doing excellent work to illuminate both our past and our future: Gary Caton, Wendy Stacey and Christopher Renstrom.

For someone who’s been largely in a ‘professional closet’ when it comes to interacting with colleagues, the conference experience offers me something I receive nowhere else: a meaningful exchange of ideas with others speaking my language (astrology). It’s like finding the perfect beverage to quench your thirst. I feel fulfilled and supported. HIGHLY recommended for anyone working in a specialized field: make sure to spend time with colleagues to compare notes, check your thinking and offer your insights for others.