[singlepic id=140 w=400 h=300 float=left]  This round of the cardinal T-square will include Mars, Venus and the asteroid Vesta by the time of the New Moon in the wee morning hours of August 10. The astrology of this event strongly suggests personal effects of the more global T-square event. Mars and Venus are conjuncting for the 3rd of 4 meet-ups during this Venus Journey and, with Vesta and Saturn in the mix, this is a prime window for those devoted to both inner and outer evolution. In this potent astro-symbolism, we have the fires of our passion fueling deep change to our former social roles and responsibilities which we realize are in fact now dried-out and stale. The kind of change this complex event describes will not be taken up by many, as it would require too much release of seemingly “perfectly useful beliefs.” Yet, we do know better. If it feels that jumping ship will only land you in the terrifying unknown, look closer. That dark place is merely yourself, playing hide and seek for perhaps the last time.