antonia-albanoInnerView Highlights: Antonia’s amazing Divine SymbolsTM sacred symbols for the new milleniumTM: “Infinite Love, The One, & the Onlí; the “Breathing, Pulsating Infinite Density of Potential”; 19th-Dimensional beings; BIG Love across the board; Antonia’s leading system for the future of the human chakra system, multi-dimensional human experience; Celebration of Love event -2010!; why Adam’s so excited about the Antonia’s Conscious Evolution chakra system.

Co-owner/co-operator of Wholistic Retreat called ‘Heartstone Country Retreat ‘ in Buena Vista, VA & facilitator of workshops & seminars in expanding human consciousness since 1991. She is the founder of the World Love ProjectTM , the Celebration of Love, the Healing Resonance CouncilTM , Give Love A Chance JourneysTM & messenger of the Divine SymbolsTM … sacred geometry for the new millenniumTM . Antonia was co-founder & Director of the California Institute of Mind – Body Awareness in the San Francisco Bay area, before moving to VA, where she had a private practice as a Transformation Coach & spiritual mentor. &, 540.461.1401(c).