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Feb 13 2009

As an astrologer who has actively, and quite succesfully, avoided astrological columns based exclusively on the Sun or Moon – both writing them and reading them – I am refreshed and shown new possibility by the 2009 Next World Astrology forecasts by astrologer Eric Francis.

I’m also someone who appreciates the devloped idea over the quick turn of a phrase, I feel as if I’m being nourished by the level of delineation he offers each of us. There is a sublime quality to his observations, as if he’s wanting us not only to understand what we’re in store for this year, but to discover for ourselves why and what it’s meant to actually mean for us. His writing here shows his intelligence and a certain creative blending of seemingly unconnected ideas which are often put together to catalyze an “a ha!” insight about ourselves. Reading through the section pertinent to me, I had several of these!

I was first made aware of Eric at the first Blast Conference in 2007 where he espoused to fellow astrologers and astrologers-in-the-making the importance of developing one’s writing skill along with one’s astrological skill. His is a background in legitimate journalism, among others, and he brings a perceptual nuance to a consistently emphasized call to awaken from our dream of who we think we should be and live from who we really are and are becoming.

Then last year, Eric invited me for an interview for his Planet Waves Radio, which you can listen to here. Don’t miss the other conversations he has there with Melanie Reinhart, Philip Sedgwick, Lynda Hill, Alan Oken, Donna Cunningham, and many others.

I offer my strong recommendation for anyone interested in a comprehensive and comprehensively deep analysis of what 2009 holds waiting for you!

[This is a freely written review of Next World Astrology by Eric Francis. Neither Soulsign Publishing nor I receive any financial remuneration from Eric Francis or Planet Waves.]

Feb 12 2009

A new feature of the new is the “InnerView” series. It’s basically a venue for my curiosity to engage authors, teachers, scientists, healers, etc. in their area of expertise. Sure, i’ll be in over my head most of the time, but if they’re up for a conversation, I’m certainly up for advancing the collective dialogue in this small way.

First two InnerViews have been posted, which you can find under the Tools section at the top of any page. I’m honored to have had time with:  Jessica Murray and Ross Bishop. Enjoy!

Feb 11 2009

A new record I’m sure has been achieved, though I’m the last person to be counting. Sincere, heartfelt gratitude to the each Soul who took the time to email their enthusiastic support and helpful suggestions for the launch of this new online home for Soulsign. As with any coordinated endeavor, there will invariably be some tweaking, but the ‘house is up’ and she’s a beauty. We hope you agree!  ~Blessings~