There’s been some great astrological writing on this Galactic Center-Sun-Earth-Moon-Solstice  by that rare combination of great astrologer and great writer (Allison Rae and Lyn Dalebout come to mind). No need to reiterate the generally informative picture out there in the astro-net.

Sherbert SunsetI would though like to communicate some brief suggestions about how astrological transits are changing….well, sort of. Simply, more people are living in more alignment with more aspects of their full selves than ever before. What this means is there are a whole lot more of us able to respond not react, embrace not reject and discern the right choice rather than delude ourselves with stale beliefs from the past. And THIS means that personal transits – the astrological techniques of applying current planetary positions to an individual, couple, group, business or nation – will either need to get better (read: more mature) or fade away. I believe the market for them – the astrological consumer of information – will drive this change. I see and have seen for the last year plus, the general movement away from seeking astrology to show us what’s ahead. It’s being replaced by the trending toward the use of astrology – by more carefully-chosen astrologers – to help us understand why what’s happening is happening and how to understand the opportunities therein. In other words, astrology to affirm what we already are sensing/knowing.

Maybe it’s just my clients. Maybe other astrologers aren’t finding this to be so in their clients. But I don’t sense that that’s so.

It’s as if we’re more whole, less broken, even before we realize we’re about to enter some pretty challenging circumstances to begin with. And that a priori wholeness of course can only beget less fear reactions, more awareness, and more self-responsibility.

This Solstice Eclipse lands on my own Ascendent, to the degree and minute of arc. If it had occurred earlier in my life, it would have caused great disruption to the layered concrete wall of self-beliefs and -images I’d constructed earlier on. But now, it’s not that. It’s an opening. Sounds simple, I know. But it isn’t…and it is. Every eclipse’s nature is part gateway opening – not bound by linear time/space – and part self-challenge. A gateway or special window into other areas of our consciousness – other times both past and future, and other spaces. The challenge factor is entirely proportional to the degree of ego-clenching happening in our bodies (because your body is your mind). Find out the tightnesses in your body and you’ll be staring at the precise stubbornnesses of your ego. The opening that each eclipse is requires – no, demands – that we know how to be and remain open even in the swirl of emotions, excitement, mental a-ha’s or mini-samadhis which would otherwise pull us away from the simple, powerful, masterful and child-like Openness we already, always are.

So if you’re reading this well after the eclipse occurs, I’m inviting YOU to OPEN to the possibility that you can IN THIS MOMENT close your eyes, center in your heart and place yourself back in time right at THIS MOMENT of the eclipse, in order to re-script your eclipse experience for your maximum benefit. Which, I’m suggesting, is simply to learn what true Openness is – openness to your own mystery, possibility, imag-i-nation, and the reality of consciously creating the rest of Your Precious Life.

Try it…i think you’ll like the You you find there.

With Love & Blessings of Your Authentic & Complete Open-Hearted Self,