Have a read of this article on new physics . Then have a think on my recent response to the friend who sent me the article:

“In short, they’re right, ‘reality’ is constructed as, what i call, a ‘projector/screen’ template where there is a projector of information and a screen displaying it. Change any element of either – consciously, unconsciously, personally, collectively, grossly or subtly, and reality changes. Their theory, that the amount of information inside a sphere must equal the amount on the outer surface of the sphere is right. But the rational mind can’t understand that b/c Newtonian formulae disagree.

So my feeling is while they’re right they’re also moving quite slow in realizing the implications of what they’re onto.

As a friend of mine, Steve Benedik, says, “In the end, a human being is nothing more than one big reality-generator. That’s what we’re made to do.””