Descriptions of synodic astrology training and mars-venus training

THE SYNODIC ASTROLOGY TRAINING is modern astrology’s most complete course on synodic astrology – the astrology of Planetary Change itself! Soulsign Astrology’s founder Adam Gainsburg created this dynamic, info-packed training after 7 years of ongoing research and hundreds of clients revealed layers of invaluable information entirely missed by typical horoscopic delineation techniques. 

The Training gives you the proven techniques, historical context and observational skill to delineate in natal and mundane, horary and predictive modes with complete confidence and skill. The Training covers Inner-Inner Planet cycles, Inner-Outer Planet cycles and Outer-Outer Planet cycles as each is a wholly unique archetypal structure for human evolution. By widening our perspective from horoscopic to synodic, we deeply reposition our clients from center-of-their-individual-universe to dynamic-catalyst-for-Universe’s-realization-of-itself through personally-embodied empowerment. 

The “secret” ingredient empowering this depth of learning is re-incorporating the Astrological Sky into our Astrological Chart work. Modern astrology is largely ignorant of the planets’ Sky Factors and their influence on a planet’s significations. .

Each video class runs between 1.5-2 hours, includes Adam’s teaching and students’ questions, and can be played on any computer or laptop device.

Class 1 – Astronomical Factors in Synodic & Heliacal Phases
The building blocks of any sky-informed astrology, this class covers the essential Sky Factors of the planets, including Earth proximity, brightness, speed, MorningStar and EveningStar and others.

Class 2 – Heliocentric vs Geocentric vs Topocentric Perspectives
Provides clear and complete understandings of the “spatial realities” from which astrologers delineate: Sun-centered, Earth center-centered, and Earth surface-centered and the strengths and biases of each when performing astrological delineation.

Class 3 – The 5 Types of Synodic Cycles
Explains the structures and basic phases of all synodes: Sun-Inner, Sun-Outer, Inner-Inner, Inner-Outer, and Outer-Outer.

Class 4 – Heliacal Phases in Traditional & Modern Astrology
Offers complete explanations and maps of the ways humans have defined and delineated planetary phases for thousands of years. An essential understanding when working synodically.

Class 5 – Heliacal Phases of the Outer Planets
An extensive teaching on the archetypal, astronomical and evolutionary phases within each Sun-Outer Planet synod. Key teaching underpinning Adam’s work with the Mars Cycle; also applies directly to his work on the Jupiter-Sun and Saturn-Sun Phases.

Class 6 – Heliacal Phases of the Inner Planets
An extensive teaching on the archetypal, astronomical and evolutionary phases within each Sun-Inner Planet synod. Key teaching underpinning Adam’s work with the Venus Cycle. Key teaching underpinning Adams work with the Mercury-Sun Phases.

Class 7 – Integrating Heliacal Phases into the Horoscope
The ability to accurately merge the deeper potential of a planet’s natal phase with the hard wiring of that planet on the birth chart takes practice. This class demonstrates the right way to learn this invaluable skill.

Class 8 – Phase Transits, Progressions & Returns
This class is one of the only sources for complete explanations and demonstrations of how to work with the returns, progressions and transits to natal phases. Adds multiple new tools to the astrologer’s toolbelt when working with astrological timing in any method.

THE VENUS MARS TRAINING encompasses what Adam is most known for within the greater astrology community: the potential for an evolution of consciousness through  embodying our Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine. The Training teaches you to identify, delineate and deeply integrate natal Mars and Venus into your larger, dharmic contribution to humanity, so that you can pragmatically materialize them in the world. This can be applied with clients, as well.

The Venus Mars Training teaches you through multiple means – imaginatively, critically, associatively – about your own femininity and masculinity, not as abstract concepts or memorized deity names but as they really are: unique, dynamically alive, primordial forces that drive much of your inspiration and motivation in life. You will learn to see them in action through their phase positions in any chart you work with – natal, progressed or other directed charts. 

The Training is an audio course and comes with lots of handouts, charts, recordings of live Q&A sessions with prior students and all the unexpected gems Adam has become known for in his deeper-dive courses. 

The Training teaches you:

  • How to calculate and read the astronomical events in any heliacal cycle (Venus-Sun or Mars-Sun) as direct messages of collective intention
  • What the masculine and feminine actually are, what they are not, and how to identify them from both the birth Chart and birth Sky
  • How to astrologically step up your natal chart interpretations to more profound insights by intimating ourselves with the origins of astrology and sky observation itself
  • How to integrally combine the Natal Story (horoscope) and the Natal Journey & Phase (synode)