About Soulsound Healing

Soulsign’s approach to sound healing – called Soulsound Healing™- is rooted in a unique orientation to the practitioner/client paradigm. Our philosophy and techniques emphasize the healing practitioner’s intimacy with themself as a living instrument of sound. Just as we can look out into the world and see it  all as a wondrous dance of light in innumerable reflections and refractions, we can also see that same world through the eyes of sacred sound. Many original wisdom traditions agree that it was primordial Sound rather than Light which potentiated the material universe to  be created.

Today, living life with a deep sensitivity to the sounds in your environment – the ones close by and far away, the ones familiar and comforting and those sudden and surprising – can drastically change the very thing you call “reality.” Learning to sensitive yourself to how different sounds feel, to the information they are communicating non-rationally opens you to a whole new world right before your very…..ears. Modern science, religion, healing, medicine and many other fields continue to research and utilize sound for desired effect.

In the field of the healing arts, simply opening oneself to receive healing sound into an affected area of the body, a psychological obstacle or in more general terms into one’s troubled past with the intention to heal or be returned to balance, is a basic premise of all sound healing.  How does this occur?

There are subtle, invisible structures holding any fear or pain or confusion in place in each of us. Sound softens those invisible, stuck ‘geometries’ because sound is a wave function, vibrating specified places or physical organs with recurring patterns of highly organized sonic information. Eventually, these coherent patterns replace discordancies in the emotional and mental bodies, creating an immediate cascade of effects at the physiological level, including heart rate, blood pressure, basic endocrinology and neurology.

Strange as it may sound, it is in fact a human being’s beliefs and ideas they have invested in at a  subconscious level which are the very building blocks of one’s body/mind reality. Not surprisingly, these beliefs  demonstrate a consistent shape and structure, as the field of Cymatics and Sound Therapy has shown for over two decades. The gift of sound healing in this context is then to surround and penetrate these invisible belief structures with more coherent information-rich shapes, which we call compassion, gratitude and loving kindness. The experienced sound healer or therapist is trained in creating the most appropriate types of sounds – through melody, rhythm, pitch and even harmony – and then deftly directing the sound into the internal places needing re-balancing.

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