Sound Healing Training

Soundwork Training Programs occur within the sanctity, uniqueness and power of the human sound instrument. They facilitate transformative experiences in a group setting using sound as both teacher and method. Consistent with all Soulsign’s educational initiatives, each Soundwork program immerses you in an impenetrable field of abiding love and striking clarity.

Your Soul and its physiologic representative, your Heart, immediately recognize the resulting energetic space as themselves, as You. Time begins to phase differently, the mind’s dominance is weakened and you are immersed in a field of radically open, unending Presence.

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The Soulsign Sound Training is a rich immersion into the mysteries and therapeutic applications of sound. Trainings are offered privately, for up to 3 individuals only. A wealth of educational materials is included in your training experience. Together we cover:

  • Basic neurology and neuro-endocrinology;
  • The body as a sound receiver and transmitter;
  • Background in ancient sound traditions;
  • Foundation in how healing occurs in the body/mind;
  • Use of different sound healing instruments, including crystal bowls, metal bowls, bells, drums;
  • Use of the voice to elicit specific effects in the neurophysiology;
  • Creating and holding sacred space.

Soulsign Sound Training students receive a comprehensive and personalized training experience unavailable in large classes.Your facilitator is Soulsign founder, Adam Gainsburg. Adam has been practicing sound healing in a clinical setting since 2005. He regularly leads sound meditations, didjeridoo journeys and introductory classes in the principles of sound healing. His sound therapy education comes mostly from his inner guidance. He began his study of sound healing with sound healing master Tom Kenyon.

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