The Venus Cycle: Remembering & Embodiment Phase

On June 23rd, Venus — now the Queen of Heaven and Earth — emerged from the Sun’s beams in her ReBirth Phase; a phase of short duration (8 days) where she/we just begin to feel into the new Feminine Blueprint received from our Solar Logos in Transmutation. She Knows there is something new to be explored here…ReBirth holds the promise of an expanded and more mature relationship both with herself and within her social relationships, but at this stage it is still tentative.

As Queen of Heaven & Earth, the Earth aspect reminds us that we only discover our new footing through trial and error; in this 8 day alembic period we must find our way through the bigger, still foreign space newly available to us. It’s a good practice to be easy on ourselves and others if we sense our relationships (of all kinds) shifting. This is new territory — we can’t be expected to get everything right the first time! 

Venus left ReBirth and entered the Remembering & Embodiment phase on July 31st. She has been gaining altitude and brightness in the early part of her 5-6 month journey through this phase of her cycle. As an Evening Star, she is rising higher and higher after sunset on the Western horizon. The Collective Theme for Remembering & Embodiment is, “Exploring our re-made feminine intention; maturing our feminine destiny.” Here we are called to increasingly embody the new blueprint for our collective Feminine using our old ‘negative’ patterns as the fuel to propel us into this new Feminine vision.

We are becoming more aware of the dissonance between our false stories of ourselves and our true nature, our Essence. Now, freshly illuminated, we are tasked with Remembering that our lives are imbued with meaning and purpose as we strengthen our commitment to engage heartfully with everything in our experience — including our fears and emotional upheavals — so we can Embody our becoming and be available for more of our true gifts to come forth. 

During this phase, Venus and the Crescent Moon align in the sky once each month. These are two potent symbols of the Feminine supporting one another to come more fully into our bodies, our hearts. 



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