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Mars Venus Live Astrology Meditations

Listen here to the most recent live Mars Venus Meditations or visit the Meditations page for all of them.  To find out how to join the live mediation visit the Mars Venus Meditation page.

Jan 28 ~ Mars’ Transcendence Phase: Witnessing the Witness; Stillness, Silence, Emptiness: listen

Feb 23 ~ Mars’ ReOrientation & Venus’ ReBirth: Shaky Ground or Shaky Legs? True Stability is in the Unified Heart:listen

Mar 10 ~ Mars’ ReSurgence Phase + Venus completing ReBirth = Become the space in which beginnings spark:listen

The upcoming tele-meditation schedule:

Apr 1 | May 4 | May 16 | Jun 15 | July 15 | Aug 8 | Aug 20 | Sep 11 | Oct 3 | Oct 28 |

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Adam interviewed by Rysa of The GoldRing


About the Show: Hosts Rysa & Gary and Adam discuss many facets of Chiron, ego woundedness becoming medicine, the broken-open heart, Chiron’s orbit connecting Uranus and Saturn in light of a new world order of the Deep Heart. Also, Adam facilitates a particularly potent Deep Heart Meditation live and follows it with some of his amazing sound healing toning. Also discussed is the future of the human chakra system and “into what form” it may be evolving.

Adam guest hosts mythologist William Henry


About the Show: William Henry is an investigative mythologist, author, radio talk show host, seeker and teacher. In 2007 he celebrated his 10th anniversary as a self-published author of 14 books and numerous DVD presentations.

He has specialized in synthesizing myth and cutting edge modern science to reveal a startling but undeniable pattern of fact – that throughout history and across widely diverse cultures, there is an absolutely seamless tradition of the existence of gates to the stars, which have been preserved in the art and myths of each era and place. Beings that came from the light of the vastness of the Milky Way, and beyond, did so through these gateways… and left the secrets of a Way to the Stars for us to discover.

Loss of the secrets of this gate has brought great challenges to humanity. Rebuilding the gate is a reachable goal and will transform us into the more advanced beings we seek to become… and already are within us.

Adam on the Cardinal “Climax” and his Soulsign Vibrational Essences

Listen (29:06 minutes)

In this interview for, Adam explains the meaning of the Cardinal T-square of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto coming up over the Summer of 2010. He describes specific methods for connecting the heart space with the spirit and why cultivating and sustaining a soul connection during periods of outer chaos and uncertainty is important. Finally, he explains how his Soulsign Planetary Vibrational Essences can be useful to take during these transits. Learn more and purchase Soulsign Vibrational Essences »


Mars Venus Astrology Slideshow Presentation

[slideshow id=11]

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Adam Gainsburg Interview

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Soulsign InnerView with Jody Levy


Soulsign Innerview with Jody LevyJody Levy is a prayer-form-ance artist, writer, and visual artist. Woven through these sacred arts  is the intention to create a tuned field of conscious energy within which we can participate with the primordial bliss and self-liberating force of the Creative Evolutionary Intelligence.  Her arts celebrate the awakening of the Divine in the physical and the ecstatic and erotic as a healing force.  She teaches workshops and classes and offers private healing sessions and empowered tarot readings by phone. Email her here for more information and to schedule. Visit her full Gallery of art cards and magnets.

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Cynthia Miller Ph.D

dr-cynthia-millerCynthia Miller Ph.D is a healer, author, visionary artist as well as being a Soulsign Practitioner. She is an extraordinary example of a higher consciousness embodied into a deep cellular resolution of Divine Gratitude. Read about her books, photography and healing work here!

InnerView Highlights:

* Life as a whitewater river guide
* Radical Gratitude ™
* Making the unconscious conscious
* Working with your body energetically
* Re-trusting the joy & bliss of the body natural
* Lots more!


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