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Immerse yourself every month in your own Inner Feminine & Masculine…

The Venus Mars Meditations are live podcasts offered by founder Adam Gainsburg. They are designed for everyone – no astrological or meditation experienced required. Adam briefly discusses the current positions and relevant energetics of Venus and Mars and then guides you gently into an inner visualization for uncovering your unique way of communing with the marriage of masculine and feminine within you. These are not abstract concepts but living, vital parts of your beingness. Each Meditation is unique and Adam facilitates it, in the words of one participant, “always in the most open and loving space.” There may be astrological or astronomical information easily understandable by everyone, yet the main focus of each Meditation is helping you to cultivate your inner-planes communication with these facets of your consciousness.

“I have loved the attunements in the past, and in the most recent one I could feel a powerful shift — I was deeply moved by it. I’m so glad you’re continuing in that direction and making the meditations free to the world. I will definitely spread the word.” – I.H., CT

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More about the Meditations

Unlike other dial-in environments, Soulsign’s Venus Mars Meditations do not require that you introduce yourself. In fact, the sacred silence shared in each Meditation by the participants has become one of their hallmarks. Many have commented that they feel actually closer to the higher dimensions of the group and more able to receive the subtle energetics of Adam’s guided meditations, visualizations and spoken explanations.

No prior experience with meditation is necessary to participate, only a quiet respect for others’ experience and a desire to open into yourself.

“These Attunements are pretty great and also pretty mysterious. I just listen in and I’m not real aware of getting anything on an energetic level. But having listened in now for over a year, I can definitely see how my intuition is so much more here with me, in normal life! Thanks so much for these and please keep doing them.”

Recent Meditations…listen here:

October 28 ~ A NEW VENUS JOURNEY BEGINS – At her closest distance to Earth, retrograde Venus here partners with Gaia to co-create a fertile environment for our collective conceiving of our next 19 months of feminine embodied evolution. Adam facilitates a gentle, effective visualization for enhancing your own feminine at this ‘beginning before the beginning’ stage. (25 min) listen

November 17 ~ PREPARING THE EAGLE, RESTING THE PAST IN PEACE ~ Venus stations direct to enter her Maturation Phase, while Mars completes his Elder Phase, disappearing from view next week. Together, they form a tantric image of a volcanic mountain, with Venus as the bubbling, subterranean molten lava and Mars as the outer shape of the mountain formed by all past volcanic activity. Our Masculine, now, is providing the crucial context or framework of our Life’s Desire or purpose and Venus, our Feminine is the molten, not yet burst open content of just who we’re becoming. Adam guides us on an our inner journey to ‘take our next unified step’ by allowing our inner sacred masculine and feminine to swirl together inside us. (27 min) listen

January 29 ~ FINDING THE WAVE, LOOSING OUR GRIP ~ Venus aligns with the Moon at the ‘onramp to the center of the Milky Way.’ In Sagittarius, Venus begins her Surrender & Discovery Phase, the 6.5 month process in which we each and together learn what must be surrendered in order that we discover what can never be lost. (19 min) listen

February 4 ~ Mars begins a brand new Journey, the Aries Journey of the Masculine, with his conjunction to the Sun. This particular journey will continue through April 2013. We will see Mars in his own sign (Aries) at the Birth Phase, reside in Virgo for over 7 months including his important Transcendence Phase, and be woven with challenges to continually embrace and integrate the support of Life itself (outside of his own efforts) a la Ceres. In a bit of celestial amazingness, Ceres will actually be with Mars and the Sun at the moment of his Self-Conception (Feb 4), filling the space of Conception with an amniotic energy of fullness, abundance and Life’s fertility.

May 23 ~ Mars and Venus conjunct at 9 Taurus/14 Aries. The apparent crashing together of strong inner drive, old driving motives and the need to surrender them, invoke us to go deeply within and look for those specific ways we ourselves reunify in our hearts. Not as an escape from the challenges, but as a resetting of our compass.

May 23 Mars Venus conjunction

In this Meditation, Adam leads us into our Deep Heart where our sacred masculine and divine feminine dance, twirl, make love and create together as one greater being (which we are, always and already).

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July 10 ~ FEMININE TRANSMUTATION PHASE begins today with Venus’ disappearance. Normally, Venus’ disappearance signals feelings of lost connections, emotional uncertainty and more reactivity. But not so this time. The other planetary pictures give me the feeling that it’s to be a time to really dive in to do our inner work (yes, there’s still more), to increase our faith, to love beyond our past need for love returned, to have greater tolerance, etc. Now is a time to switch on our inner feminine light to see what we now are ready to see and show others.

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 Aug 18 ~ FEMININE TRANSMUTATION:  Venus – Sun – Earth Alignment (Venus exterior conjunction). With Venus invisible and most distant from Earth now, it’s a good time to back out of dysfunction with others and to really examine what’s working inside of us. To go into our real feelings and extract the drama from the truth in there.

Soulsign's Mars Venus Meditations - 08/2011 - Venus Transmutation

This Meditation offers a full explanation of the three levels of this Transmutation: personal, archetypal and collective consciousness. It also offers a short, potent visualization to create a focus for our personal process of transmutation from now until Venus’ reappearance in mid-September.

listen >

Nov 25 ~ Mars enters his Crisis-in-Identity Phase at the same time as Venus is met by the Moon in her Remembering & Embodiment Phase. This Meditation includes explanations of these evolutionary transitions as well as a 4-step process of “Star Streaming”, a new method of cellularly aligning to the star-into-planet energies at any moment in time. Star Streaming is original to this body of work, having been first introduced on the 11.11.11 in a meditation.


“Thank you again for residing so deeply within your heart and sharing your treasures.” – J. Kim, CA

“Thank you for the embodied cosmic lionness vibrations of tonight’s meditation. I nestled into the nurturing feeling while also receiving the spark of inspiration to burst forth into true expression, “exhaling into my future!” ~ JM

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Archived Meditations:

Dec 20, 2009 ~ Solstice + Venus Deepening toward Transmutation: listen

Jan 11, 2010 ~ Venus’ Transmutational Underworld: Stillness, Silence, Surrender:listen

Jan 28, 2010 ~ Mars’ Transcendence Phase: Witnessing the Witness; Stillness, Silence, Emptiness: listen

Feb 23, 2010 ~ Mars’ ReOrientation & Venus’ ReBirth: Shaky Ground or Shaky Legs? True Stability is in the Unified Heart:listen

Mar 10, 2010 ~ Mars’ ReSurgence Phase + Venus completing ReBirth = Become the space in which beginnings spark:listen

Apr 1, 2010 ~ Venus square Mars = Give up the competition and embrance Mars & Venus’ dance:listen

May 4, 2010 ~ Mars’ Crisis-In-Destiny Phase + Venus in Queen’s Ascent Phase = Your excellence is now demanded by your dharmic Purpose:listen

May 16, 2010 ~ Venus’ Ascent Phase: Gemini MoonMerge – Resolving Duality through environmental intoxication, aka Oneness as the Body and Rhythm of the Universe:listen

July 15, 2010 ~ Venus’ Ascent Phase: Virgo MoonMerge + Mars’ Service Phase – Each planet in Virgo, listen how each arouses different, complementary qualities of the sign. Includes a heart-centered visualization for somatizing the ideas Adam shares:listen

August 8, 2010 ~ Venus, Mars, Saturn & Vesta; our Super Galactic Center; & the Lion’s Gate – “New organizing principles from which we’ll create a new Life in harmony with something greater”: listen

August 20, 2010 ~ Venus and Mars tantrically conjoin in mid-Libra among the Goddess constellation (Virgo) and a host of galaxies including the important Sombrero Galaxy:  “The more facets of our own divine crystal we incorporate into our life choices with heart and with consciousness, the easier it becomes to celebrate and deeply participate with all that Life has to offer us….” listen

September 11, 2010 ~ While Venus and Mars’ tantric embrace continues, it takes on a very different character. With Venus high and bright exuding her Wholeness and Mars quite dim entering his Elderhood, there is a profound opportunity now to fertilize the vital seeds  for our future from Mars with the rich, moist light of Venus. listen

October 3, 2010 ~ At Her en-lighted maximum, Venus holds Her strongest material expression of the Shekhina (divine feminine) presence each night in the western sky after sunset, while Mars is at his “fulcrum of Wise Leadership” exploring how to balance personal action with trusting others to complete a project. This evening’s meditation features a new way to integrate the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, as one continuous loop constantly informing and feeding one another. listen

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