Feminine & Masculine MARRIAGE



The planets Mars and Venus are our most direct expressions of this universal polarity. The impulses of the masculine (yang) and the feminine (yin) are eternally and intricately interwoven into everything we are and everything we do at every level of our Being.

The Feminine is the essential vitality of the material universe and governs the ebb and flow of our cellular evolution, from forgetting to remembering to embodying to radiating. The Feminine essence is relationship, its action is being/receiving and its natural manifestation is sustained activity born out of divine wisdom.

The Masculine is the unconditioned, unchanging nature of the essence of the universe and governs the stability of our intrinsically “always already” nature. The Masculine essence is singular, its action is doing/giving and its natural manifestation is inspired action born out of our innate freedom.

Together, the Feminine and Masculine create everything in the universe, every possibility within consciousness and every path of realization. As human beings, our Soul and Identity are our personal representatives of this primordial pair. The Soul-Identity alchemy then creates the basic mechanism for human consciousness to evolve and self-actualize through time.