When Ends Meet: Mars & Venus Co-Transforming

by Adam Gainsburg

Coming in January 2010 there will be an important alignment between Venus and Mars which,   without an understanding of their synodic cycles, we might miss altogether. This “article” attempts to provide a multi-valent image of the contributions Venus, Mars, the Sun, and the Moon make to this rather amazing story.

I’ve chosen to deliver this article in audio format because I feel it is more appropriate to the subject matter, which centers on the tantric planets. More appropriate because speaking something into being often is a more empowered delivery medium than reading words on a page.

Audio Article Summary:

We explore the meaning of the current phases of Mars and Venus, explaining how their astronomical relation to the Sun signifies a critical stage in collective development. Then we see how the Moon in her natural rhythm plays a liaison role between them. (all zodiacal positions Tropical)


31 Jan 2009   Mars’ Birth Phase, his heliacal rise – 27 Capricorn.

2 April 2009  Venus’ Birth Phase, her heliacal rise – 3 Aries.

21 April 2009 Mars conjunct Venus – 29 Pisces

21 June 2009 Mars conjunct Venus – 15 Taurus.

11 Jan 2010 Aries Journey Venus conjuncts the Sun in her exterior conjunction (21 Capricorn), marking the exact midpoint of her synodic cycle or Venus Journey. This is Venus’ Transmutational Underworld Phase, a time when the Feminine within collective human consciousness is focused on re-contacting the very source of Life and Feminine power. Parvati, ecstatic bliss, complete union.

15 Jan 2010  Venus conjunct New Moon (25 Capricorn)

29 Jan 2010 Retrograding Capricorn Journey Mars opposes the Sun (9 Leo), marking the exact midpoint of his synodic cycle or Mars Journey. This is Mars’ Transcendence Phase, a time when the Masculine within collective human consciousness becomes absorbed into the very substance of existence. Shiva, samadhi, liberation.

30 Jan 2010  Mars conjunct Full Moon (10 Leo)


Here are relevant images you might like to attune to as you are listening. These would be the graphics included in a written version of this “article.” The graphical inserts of Venus, Moon and Mars are not to scale (don’t we all wish!); they are provided to convey a realistic image.

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Many thanks to Maurice, his support staff, fellow astrologers and subscribers for consciously collaborating in a new and successful distribution format for astrology! Abundance Blessings, Adam

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