Soul into Identity / Identity into Soul

by Adam Gainsburg

In every possible way (you) conspire to know freedom and love.” – Hafiz

As an intelligence located in duality, you naturally exist in two domains. The first is your Self-Essence or Soul. This is you as your timeless, unborn and undying, holographic and omnidimensional self. This is your essentiality. It is the most fundamental level at which there is still ‘you’. The second is Self-Identity, which is the accumulated intelligence from every means you have to know yourself as a self. The five domains of Self-Identity are: your physical body, ego structure, persona, body-mind or somatic intelligence, and your karmic patterning.

Whereas the Soul becomes incarnated into an Identity in order to experience itself, the Identity aspires to realize itself as Soul. The Soul is the Identity’s indwelling master, while the Identity is the Soul’s vehicle or conduit. Both players in this cross-dimensional dance require the other to meet the overall goal which is nothing less than God experiencing itself (from the Soul or ‘top-down view’) or the evolution of consciousness (from the Identity or ‘bottom-up view’).

The way your Soul and current Identity relate or are structurally wired together creates your tendency to be more top-down or bottom-up in cellular orientation. If you are more of a top-down being, you will naturally know and feel the truth of the Soul either directly or through a tradition, may have a strong intuitive or empathic ability, and may tend to seek experiences ‘beyond’ the visible world. The invisible realms may feel more like home for you.

If instead you are more bottom-up in orientation, you will know innately how to move in the world, will trust the tangible and sensate over the invisible and intuited, and will feel more at home among the diverse beauty and intrigue of the world and your immediate experience.

In your current incarnational expression, you are wired to be exactly who you are today as an Identity and reflect precisely what you have always been as Soul. The Soulsign work is specifically designed to facilitate your awakening and embodiment of both levels of your beingness.