The Primal Pair & Their Dance of Union

by Adam Gainsburg

An important component of Soulsign understanding and method is the relationship between the masculine or yang and feminine or yin impulses in consciousness. These impulses are just that: core drives implicit in the very makeup of all created form. Together the masculine and feminine comprise what is known in Soulsign as the Primal Pair, and their relationship is called the Primal Dance of Union. This Dance is known and mythologized by nearly every wisdom and mystical tradition. No matter how they are expressed in symbol, myth or art, the Pair’s unfathomably intense, inextricable Dance is what fuels the core aliveness of all implicit and explicit creation.

In Soulsign Astrology, the planets Mars and Venus most directly symbolize the masculine and feminine impulses within you. Their locations in the sky at the moment of your birth reveal your implicit masculine and feminine wiring or energetic predispositions. There are other astrological pairs which reflect different facets of this Dance as well – the Sun and Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, and others – yet your unique wiring of receptive, stabilizing Venus and active, destabilizing Mars reveals how the primal masculine and feminine drives play out through you.

Learning to work with your personal masculine and feminine energies in an experientially astrological frame is a fun and deeply rewarding endeavor.