Astrological Understanding & Presence

by Adam Gainsburg

No matter the system, method or technology employed in any therapeutic work, the qualified practitioner needs to be able to set aside their prescribed, familiar methods when the situation calls for it and follow the lead of their Soul. As many practitioners in the healing arts are finding, an organized ‘system,’ no matter how loyally followed, often cannot address every need.

That human beings exist in an implicit Soul kinship with one another is the basis for authentic healing in any form. Your ability to intuit, discern or empath another’s condition is rooted in this kinship. It is the overlapping Soul field created and shared by practitioner and client which is the true leader of any healing experience.

Healing and counseling efforts through the Soulsign work strongly rely on experience and heart intelligence in the counseling and facilitation of healing, rather than strict adherence to prescribed  systems.

“Pioneer astrologer Isabel Hickey [1903-1980] believed that…you had to love the person you were reading a chart for…. She once stated during a conversation that if you kept looking down at the chart and not into the person’s eyes, you were probably not a good astrologer. It was necessary to operate from a caring and loving space in order to be effective when dealing with peoples’ lives.”   ~ From Chains to Wings, 1994.






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