A Commitment to Practice, and the Practice of Committing

by Andrea Michelle Kennedy

Many of us in the northern hemisphere are naturally inclined this time of year to follow the Sun’s example and claim a renewal for ourselves. It seems fitting that during the most yin time of the year we would want to STRENGTHEN connection to the inextinguishable light at our sovereign core while cultivating the still inner space for the wisdom of the Dark Feminine to emerge in her elegant timing.

True revelation can’t be rushed, fabricated or coerced. It’s easy to lose track of the natural cycles of life and insist on immediate answers to half-formulated questions. When we listen and adhere to the rhythms of our body-mind we build a more enticing vessel for that Dark Wisdom to settle in and make a home.

Yesterday I posted a bit about Capricorn and Saturn. I also mentioned a 7-day Breath of the Soul Meditation challenge and intimated a correlation between the two. While the Breath of the Soul is universally applicable any season, any time, this time of year especially supports our instinctual desire to turn our attention inward. A practice designed to integrate the within and without is a perfect fit to balance the extreme light and dark polarity.

Breath of the Soul develops in us the FORTITUDE to walk our own path and stay true to it. As we begin to expand and increasingly live from our innermost light we can be sure we are walking lightly on the Earth, honoring all Life in Its myriad forms because we are interconnected from within that space.

Breath of the Soul is set apart from other modes of breathwork in that we are not trying to force the breath to accomplish anything or achieve an altered state. When we visualize the 6 spheres around us one at a time during the meditation, we are gently setting intention (yang). Once our locus of attention is set, we then allow the innate Intelligence of the breath to weave its way into and through each sphere (yin), gently coming to rest in our center between spheres. This engages the left and right, upper and lower, front and back quadrants of our psycho-soma equally, encouraging an easeful neural re-wiring. The result is increased lifeforce circulation (vitality) and greater capacity for equipoise within and without.

In the Breath of the Soul we’re working with our natural evolutionary processes: allowing Source Intelligence to gracefully work through the interstitial spaces of dormant wisdom masking as “blockages” guarantees we don’t re-traumatize ourselves, or push ourselves beyond our current BOUNDARIES of safety (which are deeply unconscious). Each person’s experience will be unique to them; the common denominator is that this meditation builds more intimate relationship with our bodies rather than shuttling us outside ourselves. If we choose the discipline of a Breath of the Soul practice, over time we may find our attachment to efforting transforms into a a joyful dedication to building our lives from the emergent desires of our expanded self.

Whether you have had a taste of the Breath of the Soul or are hearing of it for the first time, we are invoking the blessings of this rare Saturn in Capricorn by offering a FREE MP3 recording of Adam facilitating the Breath of the Soul meditation for the first 14 people wanting to commit to practice the meditation for 7 consecutive days..

More on the Breath of the Soul can be found here

I love this meditation and am happy to commit alongside all of you who care to join me! The meditation takes no more than 10-15 minutes each sitting so it’s extremely easy to fit into your day. Message me with “I’m IN!” and give me your email so I can send you the recording. We encourage you to post questions here and share if anything feels different to you at the end of the 7 days from when you started.