About Breath of the Soul

Breath of the Soulfacilitates a direct experience of your Soul throughout your entire being. It utilizes your orientation in space/time and your clear heart’s intention to touch a state of consciousness known in the Soulsign work as omnidimensionality. Simultaneously you know yourself to be both matter and beyond matter.

“Coming from a kriya yoga background, where everything was so cumbersome, esoteric, and fraught with ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’, BOS just gets you right there – in the present, in your body, experiencing, and building awareness. I have also used the BOS before seeing clients to center, ground, and connect myself. I found it helped me stay in me – able to connect/relate without losing my sense of center. I have also been using it with my yoga therapy and restorative yoga clients.” ~ Amy J, Minneapolis, MN

In this practice, breath is informed or infused with our conscious attention, and our heartfull willingness to see ourselves and the space around us as implicitly supportive. The actual practice arose in its rudimentary form quite spontaneously in a counseling session with Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg. The client was striving to understand how she could move in her life from a more centered place. There wasn’t anything in her life particularly challenging or strongly calling her attention, other than an inner sense of wanting something more, but without clarity of what that was. So even from the beginning the Breath of the Soul appeared to bring to light what was occluded.