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Soulsign Astrology’s Venus & Mars material represents the leading crossover of soul-focused astrology and evolutionary spirituality. Think of it as a trans-astrological astrology, an astro-physical spirituality or a next-generation model for living our cosmic cycles and re-casting our most meaningful stories.

Discover Mars and Venus like you’ve never known yourself before!  Far beyond simplified symbols of your inner drive (Mars) and your love (Venus), astrological Venus and Mars are the two most important indicators for how you are wired to actualize your deepest Creativity and Desire:  specifically how you are meant to fulfill your Soul’s purpose within this lifetime.

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Venus Mars Live Meditations – Now Free!

About once a month, Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg hosts live meditations which anyone in the world can access by phone or softphone. Begun in 2004, the Meditations are extraordinary opportunities to discover for yourself how YOU express the primordial principles of the Feminine and Masculine.  Learn more >

Mars & Venus Learning Resources

The Mars & Venus work of Soulsign Astrology is the result of many years of research into the celestial cycles of the planets; the way those cycles manifest in people’s lives both personal and public; how our ancestors’ ancient mythologies have changed and are changing now; and the leading-edge break-throughs in consciousness and evolutionary spirituality. And because Mars and Venus are the astrological relationship planets, a wealth of insight into what it takes for two people to create a TRULY AWESOME RELATIONSHIP.

We are proud to offer a host of materials for you to learn how the Mars & Venus Journeys can benefit you on any level of your being, in any area of your life…it’s up to you!  Visit the Resources page >

Mars Venus At Home Training

We’re very excited to announce the release of a comprehensive study-at-home audio training course on the Mars & Venus material. Choose a single class, a series of them or the entire audio suite. This is the first time modern astrology has been brought to bear on our most ancient understandings of the sky, resulting in a unique amalgam of psychological insight with the ancient power of the earth-sky relationship.  Learn more >

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