About Soulsign®

Contained in the word-vibration SOULSIGN® is the notion of pointing to something (sign) which is of divine origin (soul). Joining the two into one word evokes the age-old tradition of alchemy, the secret tradition and practice of the west. Soulsign is thus the alchemized union of pointer and pointed-to, of seeking and sought-after, of means and end. It suggests the personal revealing the transpersonal and focused intent such as is required in any spiritual practice.

Listen to a brief talk by Adam Gainsburg about Soulsign Astrology’s emphasis on understanding the context within which astrology is practiced:

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Soulsign was formed to provide an inter-disciplinary architecture for nothing short of remembering your destiny. It is exclusively focused on catalyzing your direct awakening of yourself as Soul. To do so requires understanding how you yourself are shaped as both Soul and Identity. It asks that you learn the language of evolutionary consciousness. It is for this reason in the Soulsign work there is importance placed on increasing your awareness and agility with your Deep Heart, the cogent intelligence of your Soul awakened within your Identity.


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