Soul Astrology, Meditation & Sound Healing

Engage your life purpose and fulfill your Soul’s Desire with Soulsign

There is a deep intelligence to your life though it’s not one that can be identified by the measures of the world. Your life, its purpose, is to become the full human being you were born to be, in order that you may cellularly awaken as the essentiality you have always been – this is your Self-Essence, your Soul.

Each sphere of Soulsign delivers a direct and visceral experience of your Soul. Soulsign tools give you the sacred opportunity to ignite the fire of your heart’s knowing and embody the fullness of your soul’s radiance.
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“The Soul’s Desire is always to experience itself through its material Identity, while the aspiration of Identity is to realize itself as Soul. They are as two lovers locked together, moving differently to the same song.” Adam Gainsburg