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Valeria Violet communes with your soul and together they co-create your personal Joy Yantra. Each yantra is completely unique to you as it artistically renders the very ‘agreement’ between your Soul and Identity on how you are to bring forward your greatest gifts into the world. Some souls require their yantra receive a title, some do not. Others demand every shade of a single color be included, or focus strongly on a symbolic image. Valeria Violet has said,  “Some souls I work with have very explicit instructions on the shapes, colors or overall symbols, while others give me the choice on how to render the specifics of its signature blueprint. I truly believe that bringing in a person’s Joy Yantra for them is one of my own greatest joys!” Learn more about Valeria Violet >

What You Receive

Your Joy Yantra is rendered by hand with tremendous care and detail on high-quality art paper and mailed to you exactly as it came through. Along with your Joy Yantra, you also receive a 2-3 page report with any additional information Valeria Violet received during the process of co-creation of your yantra. Sometimes this report is replaced by an mp3 audio file which you can download to your computer. Like we said, each process is unique to you!

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Please enjoy these personal yantras from VV’s client portfolio….

 “A Kaleidescope of Flowers”
“She Who Flows through the Universe by
way of the Pure Seed Energy” 
   “True Lens” 
“Universal Paths Crossing”                                                                    .
©Valeria Violet & Soulsign 2010-2011. All rights reserved. Please do not copy, reproduce or redistribute.

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  • “I love my Yantra. It feels I’ve been given a mirror in which my deeper, truer self is reflected back to me and it was an instant recognition. The highly symbolic nature and energetic of this beautiful piece resonated profoundly within my being. I have found that my Yantra is a very powerful and effective tool to assist me in connecting with my Soul purpose. I highly recommend anyone to have one created and “go take a look at your true self.’ ” ~ Andy, Ireland
  • “Thank you, Vi, for the love with which you expressed my essence. The yantras you expressed for both myself and the union of my loving partner were both amazing in their depth of connection to our high soul essence. When my personal yantra was presented I immediately felt ‘ahhhh – yes’. What I deeply know to be true about myself was expertly rendered with a loving and pure heart…. ” ~ Antonia Albano, VA


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