About Valeria Violet

Valeria Violet, visual soul artistValeria Violet’s life devotion is to full-body, ecstatic Joy which guides all her work and every area of her life. Her courage and powerful presence emanate from a deep knowing of the divine power of love and its greatest expression, joy.

“For me, the experience of real joy is a cosmic lightshow inside our hearts. It re-centers us in the very heart of what is most important: creating and living the life we were born to.”

Catalyzing the alignment between soul and human identity through joy is her goal in every area of her work; artwork, breathwork, and sound healing.

Joy Yantras™

Valeria Violet's Joy YantrasSince 2009, she has been bringing in professionally-rendered mandalas of the Soul which she calls JOY YANTRAS™. Each yantra or sacred mandala is a living, multi-dimensional representation of the Soul’s greatest joy of expression – how the individual’s Soul and Identity cosmically align in their body through their authentic creations.

Her Joy Yantras are cellular imprints of the person’s true essence in their current life.

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Valeria Violet believes that our true inspiration comes from our divinity:

“When our divine soul finds its greatest expression through and as us, I’m in the presence of the very first moment of the universe! It’s more than a passing thrill, it’s where our essence resides; it’s our true home. I feel deeply humbled by our potential to know and BE our divine essence in every moment.”

With a background in Peruvian shamanism, sacred geometry, Tibetan Buddhism, Reiki, and an original form of full-body energy work, she has remembered and developed her advanced skill at navigating the highest planes of consciousness with full recall. This remarkable ability she places in service to those she works with in co-creating their Joy Yantras.

A former engineer and the mother of two grown children, Valeria Violet currently brings her many years of deep transformation and courageous, spiritual investigation to her relationship with life partner, Adam Gainsburg. She also enjoys channeling her artistic expression into fine woodwork.

JOY YANTRAS™ by Valeria Violet


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  • “Wow, what a beautiful clear mirror you are! Thank you for my Yantra You really make the invisible visible; and the unknown…you make known and seen, and more!” – Gabriella, Peace Trails
  • ” I love my Yantra; it turns on my inner lights and evokes joy in me every time I gaze upon it!  As a precision artist and an accomplished intuitive, Vi is able to capture the colors, textures and symbols of your soul’s delight and translate them in to beautifully rendered art. I have also had the privilege of being with Vi as she presented individual Yantras to a small group of people. Each one was a perfect reflection of the heart’s delight of that person’s soul.” ~ Carol Mann, WY, Your Cosmic Cafe
  • “This work of yours is more than beautiful art and better than a reading. It’s a melding of the two that keeps on giving! I must say I seem to see new things in my Yantra each time I sit with it. And after every time I do, I walk away feeling better, lighter somehow. It’s really remarkable. You have quite the gift.” ~ Anonymous

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