Breath of the Soul Meditation (audio)

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Facilitated by Adam Gainsburg, The Breath of the Soul is a next-generation breath practice designed to catalyze a direct experience of your Soul throughout your entire being. Simultaneously you know yourself to be both matter and beyond matter. Benefits of the practice include improved awareness, heightened psychic sensitivity, greater physical ease, and an enriched presence.

Tracks: 52 minutes

  1. Welcome
  2. About the BOS
  3. Components of the Practice
  4. Meditation #1
  5. Meditation #2 – Crystal Bowl
  6. Meditation #3 – Axial Awareness

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Simple, elegant and widely adaptable, the Breath of the Soul is currently being used as a diagnostic tool, an inner balancing technique, and a spiritual practice aligning us with cosmic forces. 

Intuitively received by Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg, what is known today as the Breath of the Soul Meditation is a unique and deeply gentle breath practice centered in a person’s energetic heart. By lovingly uniting a sense of oneself with the impressions of the space around oneself, an exquisite and subtle intimacy with one’s larger self occurs. This results in longer periods of tangible inner peace and greater resiliency in handling difficult situations and reactions.

4 reviews for Breath of the Soul Meditation (audio)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    “I’ve been lucky enough to have had individual sessions, groups sessions, and CD/MP3 meditations with and by Adam for more than a decade now. Breath of the Soul meditation doesn’t stay the same – it changes as I change. I highly recommend it to everyone.” -S.Kelley

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hi Adam:)I practiced your soul breath meditation, it was excellent! I have used meditation and breath work for a long time,including breathing from the front chakra points. But I never considered breathing from the back and sides. Those aspects were very happy to be breathed into and readily opened:) wahoo! I practically had eyes in the back of my head:) Thanks for the technique I will be incorporating it into my practice right away cause it feels so good!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alicia Sirkin

    “I found the Breath of the Soul meditation quite remarkable and look forward to exploring it’s possibilities. My experience the evening of the class was energetically profound. I send heartfelt thanks as I acknowledge your wisdom, expertise and Mastery. — Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, Personal Development Coach and Bach Remedy Educator”

  4. Guru Gita

    “What is the use of practicing for so long all those hundreds of windy pranayama practices which are difficult and bring diseases and the many yogic exercises, which are painful and difficult to master. Constantly serve only one guru to attain that spontaneous and natural state. When it arises the powerful prana immediately stills of its own accord.” – v.53 from the Guru Gita of the Shiva Purana

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