The Souls Desire & the Evolution of Identity


Here is the full range of Soulsign’s interpretive methods for tracking the Soul pattern through the birth chart. Focuses exclusively on the dynamic relationship of Soul and Identity.

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  • 142 page ebook (PDF) OR paperback book (paperback price does not incl. shipping cost)
  • Published by Soulsign Publishing

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The book is unbelievable and I could tell you how many, if not all of those signatures affect me. That is something in and of itself that needs to be worked through. It is amazing how all that resistance takes form. This is an amazing work. There should be classes just on this book! – June, CA

Individuals interested in meaningfully expanding their astrological knowledge and those fascinated by the reality we call Soul will find this book a precious resource of connection, truth and inspiration. The Soul’s Desire & the Evolution of Identity celebrates the divine inter-dependence of Essence and Form, contributing significantly to our understanding of our own evolution and our pragmatic, heartfull skill in its interpretation.

Includes a 6-step method for tracking the prior Soul’s Desire into the current life through its incarnations; determining the aspected Node; descriptions of Pluto-Node, Pluto-Angle, and Nodal aspects; two comprehensive sample interpretations, and explanatory graphics.

4 reviews for The Souls Desire & the Evolution of Identity

  1. Ryan

    You gave me a wonderful session a few months ago and I just bought The Soul’s Desire and the Evolution of Identity. Truly awesome so far, I am blown away by the distinction that the North Node represents the Identity for this lifetime whereas the Pluto Polarity represents the Souls Desire for this lifetime. Thank you so much. – Ryan, VA

  2. Cyrus Gagnon

    As an astrologer who became quite bored with most mainstream and esoteric techniques, I applaud Adam Gainsburg’s newest effort. Clearly covering the same domain as Evolutionary Astrology, but with the peculiar additions of a devotional element and emphasis on the majesty of our mysterious interior, The Soul’s Desire & the Evolution of Identity never loses its pragmatic utility. I learned quite a bit! I encourage you to navigate this evolutionary compass for yourself. ~ Astrologer Cyrus Gagnon

  3. Vanessa

    Your book is deeply touching and the invitation of exploration is very motivational. ~ Vanessa, CA

  4. Christopher

    Astrologically, this book acts as a sort of multidimensional compass, giving one the means to navigate beyond the known edges of Self, and into those nuanced regions so often felt, yet rarely understood. Adam’s absolute devotion to the evolution of consciousness is a profound blessing in this world. With incredible lucidity, he articulates duality as both the root of our deepest fears and dysfunctions, as well as the destiny point of our most indwelling treasure: a personal awareness of Soul. ~ Christopher, CA

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