All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally (video)

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Adam demonstrates clearly why ignoring latitude and declination in chart delineation robs us of a full picture of an astrological conjunction. In fact, a strictly longitudinal framework for assessing a conjunction can be misleading and sometimes incorrect, astronomically-speaking.

  • 1 hour MP4 video
  • Recorded at the 2017 NCGR National Conference in Baltimore, MD


Adam identifies and presents on five of his key Sky Factors: Earth proximity (or Field Effect), Sky Appearance, Brightness, Speed, and Latitude, using a Mercury Venus Rx conjunction to demonstrate the richness in meaning when we combine horoscopic interpretations with astronomical reality.

Including the celestial reality into our delineations not only revitalizes our astrology, it simply makes sense! As astrologers, deepening our personal relationship to the firmament of the Living Sky benefits our clients, who come away from a session with a more somaticized understanding of their makeup rather than just more information for their heads.

1 review for All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally (video)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jon Easely

    This video opened my eyes! I’ve been an astrologer for 6 years and giving readings. This whole dimension of the ‘sky factors’ that Adam has been teaching about for a while now, I never related it to things as basic as a conjunction. But I do really understand now that i’ve been through his video a few times, how important it is to re-include the Sky back into our chart work. Much, much gratitude!!!

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