Wholeness Vibrational Essence

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The Soulsign Essences™ are healing tools of a vibrational nature. They are infusions of energetic patterns of information and guidance, similar to the concept behind flower essences on quite a different scale of consciousness. Read more about this product in the Description below.

The Wholeness Essence comes in two sizes: 1 oz. or 2 oz. (see choices below).

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"If you decide that this is something you want to start walking with and benefiting from in your life, my wish is that it brings you nothing but awakening, a lot of happiness, a lot of laughter, and a reminder of just how powerful you really are." ~ Adam

Listen to Adam sharing about the Wholeness Essence:
* click here to listen to Adam's initial observations of the essence
* click here for slightly longer version, including Adam's start with essences

Wholeness Essence 

This essence invokes your inner central intelligence - your Being, your Soul - as a gentle, loving and unavoidable wave of information to wash through your body, heart and mind. It introduces a compelling interior environment for you to take the driver's seat of your life, not based on simple intent or wish to do so, but instead on an actual, cellular experience. This essence can effectively increase how "in" you are - and feel - in your life. The more frequently you introduce this essence into your system (internally or topically), the more you are fostering your own Wholeness without any old definitions or pressures of what that should look or feel like.

Have a look at our Suggested Uses Information Sheet, which includes general guidelines and also explains how to work with your essences in your own way.

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Weight 1 lbs

brandy, food-grade glycerin


1 oz., 2 oz.


US & Canada, Mexico

1 review for Wholeness Vibrational Essence

  1. VK

    “Thank you so much! I felt the essence move through me and sort of remind my body of being at ease and powerful at the same time.”

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