Venus Transmutation Phase Attunement

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On March 25, Adam invoked the full support from Venus’ apogee. Venus at her furthest from Earth on that date marked the start of the Transmutation Phaseher fastest and darkest passage behind the SunAdam explained the Transmutation phase, delineated the numerous planet, star and constellational alignments Venus will make during this Transmutation Phase (March 25 to May 15, 2021) and facilitated a breath-based somatic empowerment to welcome into the body what we’re now ready for.


  • Broken up into 3 separate videos for ease of reference (1. Phase description and general Gemini Venus Cycle significations, 2. Key dates of Venus- planet/star alignments, ecliptic crossing, etc., 3. somatic empowerment)
  • 77 minutes in total
  • Links to videos on Vimeo are provided in order confirmation email for immediate access

Below are just a few take-aways from the first two videos - the meditation (somatic empowerment) speaks for itself. Each bullet point is only one of many gems from Adam's teaching and is not a comprehensive representation of the entirely of the transmission:


  • The 2020-2022 Gemini Venus Cycle (among other things) aims to merge our thinking and sensing functions into our deeper heart intelligence; information and disinformation accelerate in speed and volume
  • Venus fastest in direct speed but appearing to move slowly in our chart - distinction between appearance and reality is a rich metaphor for our shadow


  • April 9 - Venus conjunct Eris - Venus meets up with "The Warrior Goddess for Life Renewed in Wholeness"
  • April 14 Venus conjunct Alrescha (star) - "What am I a lynchpin for in my life? What am I holding onto that isn't mine to hold onto anymore?"
  • May 12 - Venus conjunct Moon (2 of 2 in this phase) - All blessings/challenges can land in your body (be received)
  • May 13-14 - Venus revisits same degrees of Gemini as June-July 2020, but in a very different position latitudinally; may experience similar themes as June-July 2020



March 25, 2021 ~ Venus-Sun Superior Conjunction

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5 reviews for Venus Transmutation Phase Attunement

  1. Elizabeth

    So many pins and needles and yawning during that attunement <3 Thank you!

  2. Cherry B.

    Beyond words. thank you.

  3. Audrey

    What a wonderful transmission. Deep gratitude 🙏

  4. Felix

    Thank you so much for giving new space..

  5. Paul S.

    Incredible insight – such clarity and depth! And the meditation…phenomenal. So much gratitude..!

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