Venus Immersion Phase & Mars Destiny Challenge Phase Synchrony


The cycles of Venus with the Sun and Mars with the Sun couldn’t be more different. Where one starts closest to the Earth, the other starts furthest away. And this is only the beginning of their differences!

Adam offered an experiential investigation into the unique ALIGNMENT or synchrony of each planet changing its phase at the same time. Though Venus is MorningStar and Mars EveningStar now, the meaning of their coordinated change of phases creates a penetrating message into what’s really at play through at least March 23, 2021.


  • 60 minutes including Adam’s presentation on the Venus & Mars phase alignment, plus attunement
Below are a few take-aways from the event:
  • Dharmic (phase) Venus demands a complete and full devotion to our Higher Purpose; the intuition to Be Who We Are.
  • When you really expand and get very earnest about looking at the feminine and the masculine, it is much more than gender, it much more than any tantric practice or ritual - it's a cosmological understanding of the entire universe.
  • Dharmic (phase) Mars is the instinct to Do What We Are.
  • For many people, knowing what they're here for is extremely scary, perhaps the most frightening thing in their entire lives, yet Destiny Challenge Phase is a time to really open up to that.
  • The next 50+/- days or so is a VERY good time to align/devote yourself to your deepest truth/knowing  - must be cosmological or spiritual, not materialistic.
  • Effects will last through March 23 or longer; be conscious, courageous RESPONDERS not CONTROLLERS


Venus Immersion Phase
Sky Venus: Invisible, direct. Newly disappeared from the morning sky (heliacal setting), approaching fastest speed and furthest distance from Earth.
Collective intention: Deepening and internalizing intentions and goals for the current cycle.
Phase Duration: 50 days

Mars Destiny Challenge Phase
Sky Mars: Rises at noon (invisibly) and appears overhead at sunset. Redness gone.
Development in Consciousness: Directly confronts or blocks the development or fulfillment of any desire that is in conflict with the relevant development of objective consciousness.
Phase Duration: 15 days

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