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The Soulsign Essences™ are healing tools of a vibrational nature. They are infusions of energetic patterns of information and guidance, similar to the concept behind flower essences on quite a different scale. The Transit Essences are excellent tools for alleviating unwanted body, emotion and mind symptoms brought on by ‘heavy’ transits – those of the outer planets. We suggest them for any transit type (returns, progressions, directions, etc.)


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The Transit Essences Kit includes: 

Saturn Transit Essence – Counteracts depression with inner resolve and clear thinking. Keeps you on task where needed. Supports a strong, supple spine and flow of the cerebral-spinal fluid. Fosters an increase in self-responsibility, release of dis-empowering patterns and/or decrease of caretaker-dependency. Engenders greater freedom within density and has been shown to be very helpful for certain forms of meditation, allowing longer periods of sitting with prolonged attention and lessened muscle strain.

Uranus Transit Essence – Counteracts feeling trapped, cornered and without options. Produces feelings of personal freedom. Supports one’s passion for open creative projects, especially with others.  Also counteracts dissociative reactions to people and circumstances. Has been shown to improve the flow of 2nd and 6th chakra forms of kundalini energy. Very supportive for problem-solving and imagining/visioning. 

Neptune Transit Essence – Counteracts ungroundedness, addiction-type behaviors, and emotional vacancy. Fosters one’s willingness to accept reality. Clarifies one’s overall perspective about life. Can also increase one’s optimism and flexibility and ability to appropriately contextualize outer events. Can ease one’s mourning period after losing loved ones, or can help one to let go when needed. With longer usage, greatly supports ‘thinking globally and acting truthfully.’ 

Pluto Transit Essence – Counteracts hopelessness, desperation and issues of control. Helps expose one’s suppression of or over-reliance on anger or aggression, possibly through enhanced acceptance to surrender. Lifts one out of depression into a sustaining sense of possibility. Can increase one’s sexual drive or return old issues into awareness for transformation. Empowers the sense of autonomy and creative power.

Have a look at our extensive Suggested Uses document, which includes general guidelines and also explains about how to work with your essences in your own way:

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Dimensions 8 × 4.5 in



Brandy Alcohol, Food-grade Glycerin


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